How to Get Your Finances Back On Track

A Small Expense Today Equals a Large Expense Tomorrow

In today’s crippled economy, it is interesting how fast food restaurants are flourishing, while slightly more expensive “sit-down” restaurants are having a hard time staying afloat. The facts are that consumers are cutting out obvious expenses, but neglecting to take note of little ones that often add up to a larger amount. Imagine the five dollars that is spent Monday-Friday at a fast food chain being saved and spent on a Friday night out with friends. Consumers have held onto the little expenses and given up quality for quantity. With some time and effort, you can create a sensible budget that allows you to spend and save on the things you really want and need.

Gain Control of Your Personal Finances Today

Being able to control our finances is a skill that sadly not many of us are taught. However, it is a skill that can be quickly learned and mastered with basic practices and the right frame of mind. Begin with reminding yourself why controlling your finances is so vital to your current and future wealth. The money you have effects where and how you live, the car you drive, the clothes you wear, the vacations you take, and the people you are able to financially help. It is very important to get control of your finances in order for any of these avenues to change.

The Financialitis Cry: Help, There Is Something Wrong With My Wallet

The cry of financialitis is often the realization a person has in recognizing the depth of a problem with personal finances. Financialitis is a pervasive, invasive and often destructive disease with personal finance. There are many contributing factors that lead someone to experience it. Additionally, there are distinct actions people can take to lessen the effects or eliminate it completely.

Money Lessons From an Old Toy Fire Truck

I took one of our kids’ toy fire trucks to the curb the other day to be hauled away with the trash. And it made me cry.

Get What You Want With Your Personal Finances

Learn from the Weight Watchers program. 6 Ways to Get What You Want With Your Personal Finances. 1. The point system keeps you in check and provides flexibility.

Money Saving Tips for Going Out to Eat at Restaurants and Grocery Shopping

It’s easy to over spend in your day-to-day activities. Here are some easy ways to save money without making drastic changes in your life. These items allow you to be more efficient with your current habits and income:

Tough Decisions, Many Options

Today’s edition is about making tough decisions. All decisions are not easy but if you make tough decisions now, the future will be easier.

Six Economic Survival Tips

It would be an understatement to say that times are tough for people trying to figure out a basic economic survival strategy. However, there are many things that you can do to survive the tough times. Here are six things for you to consider while you are living through hard economic times.

5 Things to Teach Kids to Help Them Develop Wise Money Habits

When you give your kids money how do they spend it? Wise money habits and the ability to control money starts early in life. It is rather difficult for adults to unlearn all the bad money habits we acquired over the years. Find out the 5 things you can teach kids to help them develop wise money habits.

PPI Claims Are a Respite to Many Duped Customers

Whenever you go for financial assistance to any bank or a financial company, the first thing that they ask you about is the alternative arrangements that you have for paying them back in case your primary arrangements don’t work. Banks are pretty good at creating elaborate situations wherein you cannot pay back your loan and the dire consequences you may face if you are caught in them – the worst being the decrease in your credit rating and foreclosure (in case of mortgage loans).

PPI Claims – The Right of the Customer

Payment protection insurance (PPI) is kind of a tricky thing. You obviously need it as an alternative arrangement to pay your loans lest you risk such awful consequences such as low credit ratings and foreclosures. However, it is very easy to be sucked into a wrong policy made by eager salesmen at the bank doing whatever they can to make fast money.

PPI Mis Selling – The Latest Hit to the Loan Market

Many loan seekers have been sold unnecessary insurance policies without their knowledge along with their loans. The banks today are under a deluge of PPI claims that have hit the industry hard.

Looking for Personal Online Banking? Make Sure You Choose the Right Bank!

Finding the right personal bank can be a difficult and stressful experience. Often it is hard to choose a good personal bank because there are so many different options to choose from. I know when I first starting researching banks, and since I was looking for personal online banking, I had no idea where to start! Thankfully, after plenty of searching, I found the right bank for me and I also learned a few helpful tricks along the way which I can share with you today.

Using Price Comparison Sites for Cheap Loans and Mortgages

Shopping around, of course, is the key to getting the best deal. When we shop around for food or household equipment, it is likely these days that we will go to one of the big supermarkets where every competing brand is on offer under the same roof. So when we are looking for a remortgage or a credit card deal it follows logically that we should likewise tend towards a service that enables us to consider, compare and contrast different options by applying the same criteria to them all.

Becoming A Financial Independent: Four Myths Debunked

There are true ways to become financially successful. There are also false ways that people still follow up to this day. Know more about these myths and reject them right away.

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