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Top Three Reasons Why People Fail in the Market

According to legendary trader W.D. Gann there are three main reasons why people fail in the stock market. The first is Poor trading strategy leads to earlier failure. You may have heard the saying “Failing to plan is planning to fail.”

Early Retirement Planning – Passive Income Streams

We have all had our taste of passive income. My first taste of passive income was when I was in my early twenties. I had just graduated college and I worked at a golf course because I was not really ready to grow up and join the business world. I earned one weeks paid vacation so I took it. Since my easy-going life at the time was pretty much a vacation, I did not do anything extraordinary but I did not work and I got paid for it. Vacation pay is not really passive income because the truth is you earned it. Getting paid for not working is the ultimate goal if you wish to retire early…

Can You Be Rich? Yes, If Your Name Is Walden

Do you know what characterizes wealthy people from normal ones? What is the way for financial freedom? It doesn’t matter if you were born rich or not, it’s all matter of attitude, read this article and find out why.

How to Calculate and Use P/E Ratio for Investment Analysis and Investment Decision Making

“Value investment” is the buzz word amongst the investors now and more so with the long term investors having maximization of return as the long run objective. Price to earnings (P/E) ratio is one of the widely used bullets to hit the target of maximizing return from stock in the long run. The ratio expresses the relation between the market price of a stock (MPS) and earnings per share (EPS). This article discusses the derivation of the ratio and its use.

Understanding the Concept of Time Value

Time value of money is a concept and it refers to the idea that, money obtainable at present is more significant than the same amount in the future for its prospective earning capability. It can also define as the value of money that accrued over a given amount of time considering interest earned and inflation occurred. It is the core principle of finance and result of interest and inflation.

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