How To Calculate Intrinsic Value (Full Example)

Deferred Annuity Is a Great Investment Plan for Long Periods of Time

If you are a person who loves planning everything in life, deferred annuity is just the plan for you. An investment in deferred annuity is particularly done for your post-retirement life. A person who is planned and has foresight will definitely invest in something which will give him guaranteed returns after retirement. Investing in deferred annuity is the best plan for that.

Annuity Calculator – Helping You Understand the Rates

The life after retirement can be either peaceful as well as relaxed or extremely stressful and full of uncertainties. Like it is said, your future depends on yourself; this too can be decided by you. If you have a good saving that can bail you out of financial crunches and if your pension amount is something you can boast about, you are indeed fortunate and need not worry about your life after retirement, instead you can think of all the wonderful things you will be doing as a reward to yourself after all the years of hard work.

Federal Loan Consolidation and Direct Loan Consolidation

So what is Federal Loan Consolidation? There are many people these days that get loans from banks. There are many types of loans like house renovations and such, studies, traveling and even for personal purchases.

The 3 Concerns of a Financial Plan

Step by step planning towards achieving financial goals forms the very essence of creating an efficient and effective financial plan. Defining a brief outline for a financial plan requires addressing certain concerns like Achieving flexibility, liquidity and tax minimization Achieving Flexibility. Developing or creating a financial plan requires deep understanding of your personal and financial goals.

The Concept of Step-By-Step Planning in Financial Planning

An individuals’ need differs widely throughout various phases of life. Needs may vary based on a set of situations an individual is passing through. Therefore it’s imperative to adopt a step by step view of a human life cycle.

Calculating Year-End Investment Returns

The HPR is one of the simplest ways to measure performance, but is also the least accurate when there are cash flows such as additional contributions and withdrawals. When calculating performance, accuracy is critical because performance numbers are necessary to measure whether your investments have met your goals. A more accurate way to measure performance when there are cash flows is by using the Time Weighted Return (TWR).

How Will Investors Handle The Market Correction?

The performance of investors in bull markets is often exceptional. But over the long-term through bull and bear markets it’s terrible. Yet in many respects, rather than being feared, market declines, even bear markets, offer better opportunities for profits than big rallies and bull markets.

Guidelines for Saving $1,000 in 90 Days

  Saving money is incredibly important yet unappreciated; that’s why I wanted to talk about it in this article. A cushion of savings means you can tread water for a while and not sink should you become unemployed. It can be what makes the difference between your retiring or working forever.

Is a Direct Deposit Card Right For You?

Direct Deposit Cards can provide you with quicker access to your money. They will also save you a bundle of money on costly check cashing fees.

How To Achieve Financial Freedom

Do you long to live life on your terms? Are you one of the many who hate your job but lack the courage to take action to change your life for the better and achieve personal and financial freedom? If so read on for a solution.

5 Actions Women Must Take to Become Financially Independent

In this article you will learn the 5 actions that women must take in order to become financial independent. The FIVE ACTIONS women must do now to begin shifting the way they think about money, start creating a sustainable future, and enjoy living more fully while making adjustments.

Low Interest Credit Cards – A Savior During Difficult Times

We all know credit card lets us buy things now so that we can pay for them over time. We also know using credit cards are a way of borrowing and we have to pay the money back anyway. Therefore, when you are choosing a credit card, you must carefully consider many features such as fees, interest rates, and other benefits mentioned by the issuer of the card.

Sell Your Gold for Cash? Don’t Get Ripped Off!

Are You Part of the New Gold Rush? Instead of heading for the hills, people are heading home to dig for gold in their jewelry boxes, drawers, and closets for hidden treasure. Times are tough and some people are looking for additional ways to generate money to pay their bills. You’ve probably seen “WE BUY GOLD” on TV commercials, in newspaper ads and even on signs held by people on the sidewalk. But, how do you know if you are getting paid appropriately for the gold that you sell? Will you receive a fair price or will you be taken advantage of?

Are You Financially Honest?

Take a moment and think about what single action step you could take that would have the greatest impact on your current financial situation. Many of my clients and workshop participants have begrudgingly discovered that the single greatest action for them was to get honest. Take a moment and think about what single action step you could take that would have the greatest impact on your current financial situation. Many of my clients and workshop participants have begrudgingly discovered that the single greatest action for them was to get honest.

Reliable Tips on Managing Personal Finance

The prevailing hard economic times have seen many people land into financial strains irrespective of their monthly income. The main problem however is not that there are many expenses but simply because of poor money management.

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