How To Build A Huge Stock Portfolio In 2021

Six Tips for Handling an Unexpected Windfall

A surprise payday isn’t as much of a long shot as many may think. It can come in a number of forms – a larger bonus than you were expecting, an inheritance, selling a business, a legal settlement, or maybe even the lottery. While you can’t count on a sudden windfall, there are dozens of scenarios that could result in a life-changing influx of money.

Could You Be Tempted by the Lenders Latest Home Loan Offers?

There’s a lot of competition for Australia’s $1.3 trillion home loan market and one could be easy to be dazzled or confused by the variety of offers available.

Post-Retirement Money Pinching for Baby Boomers: What to Do to Survive

When baby boomers retire, there is a good chance that retirees will face at least one financial challenge. Be creative (and careful) of how you address this sudden need for funds.

Are First Home Buyers Suffering From an Affordable Housing Shortfall?

There’s been a lot of talk over the past few years regarding the affordability of housing across Australia for first home buyers, particularly in major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne. There is truth to this – interest rates are at a record low of 2.

The Costs of Passive Fund Investing

There are two main classifications for what type of fund you can purchase in terms of costs. It is important to know how these costs work so you can avoid paying too much for this convenience. These products differ in terms of how they are administered, access to the products and their costs.

Behavioural Biases For Individuals

This article touches on an important topic, Behavioral Biases for Individuals. Think about how it applies to you while reading, and feel free to reach out to me with any questions. As individuals we are experiencing two types of biases: cognitive errors and emotional biases. Cognitive errors stem mostly from faulty reasoning and can be divided into two major categories: first category is belief perseverance biases closely related to the concept of cognitive dissonance, where one will ignore or do whatever it takes to avoid contradictory information with his existing cognitions, and the second category is information processing biases which are born from information being processed and used illogically or irrationally. Emotional biases are the result of feelings and experiences influencing our reasoning. Both, cognitive and emotional biases may cause decisions to deviate from what should be rational decisions. But how do we understand, change or work with our biases?

The Best Way To Gain Control Over Your Money

Do you remember when you were a child how you’d preciously hold every little penny you were given and safely keep somewhere in your room? You would treat it as though it was your “precious”! Today, everything in the current system is made to keep us far from our money…

Considerations for Implementation of a Telecom Expense Management Solution

Telecom expenses incorporate many services such as voice, data, information and other communication assets. It is important that these issues and functions should be fully aired in boardroom discussion so that senior management and the executives are well-informed about the importance of Telecom Expense Management and its implementation.

Avoid These 5 Types of People Who Can Harm Your Finances

You may or may not have realized it yet, but the people you surround yourself with may be subtly shaping the decisions you make with your money, and unfortunately, the outcome is often less favorable. Beware of these five types of people who can harm your finances.

Find the Right Financial Advisor for Planning Your Long Term Investment Goals

What is most common about working people all over the world is that they slog to make a living. However, the sad truth is not many plan their finances.

Why Do Mexicans Cash Their Checks Inside the Bank and Other Money Oddities

Many Mexicans and Latinos are uniquely suspect of the U.S. banking system. They also don’t trust the ATM machines for check depositing. In this article, I point out the oddity and also theorize why it happens.

How To Read Goal Directional Signs

When you are chasing your dreams, you will often encounter signals along your journey that will guide you in the right direction. Learn how to read some of the directional signs that can lead you to your goal finish line.

How To Create A Goal Traffic Light

When faced with failure, many persons are not sure if they should continue in their current direction or choose a different path. They may end up persevering with the wrong thing or quitting a good idea too early. How do you know when to stop and when to keep working on a goal?

Giving Up On Your Goal

Have you been working towards a long-held dream, but now you feel like you would rather be doing something else with your life? Here’s how you can determine if you should keep going with your dream, or simply give up on your goal.

What Falling Oil Prices and a Rising Dollar Mean for You

Two of the most notable economic developments of recent months are the dramatic decline in oil prices and the resurgence in the value of the U.S. dollar against other currencies.Both have an economic impact, which could translate to an investment impact as well. Let’s consider how these two trends might affect the investment markets.

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