How to Budget and Save Money

How Inflation Is Creating Wealth For Some – Are We Going the Way of the Fallen Weimar Republic?

Today in the U.S., we have recently experienced the same kinds of events as Weimar Republic of Germany that collapsed nearly a century ago due to depreciation of their currency, resulting in a hyper-inflation. Like Weimar Germany we too have suspended gold-convertibility of our currency, the US dollar, back in 1933 so that the Roosevelt administration could begin to inflate it.

Creating Wealth With Inflation – Lessons From Weimar Germany

There’s a lot of talk about inflation, deflation, trillion dollar deficits, unfunded liabilities, quantitative easing, stimulus packages, high unemployment. What does it all mean and how does it relate to creating wealth?

What Are The Benefits Of Saving Your Money?

Saving money is a hard habit to keep. Find out some of the many benefits of saving your money versus wasting it each month.

Creating Wealth – 3 Steps to Take To Profit From The Coming Inflation

Inflation doesn’t impact all goods and services across the board equally. Over time, history has shown that inflation is felt most with energy and food, because that becomes a necessity. Manufactured goods do not keep up in terms of the rise of inflation because the average middle class or working person’s wages does not keep up with inflation and with more of their money needed for essentials like energy for heating the home, for cooking, fuel and having enough food to eat, these are critical things people must have in order to survive.

Financial Planning – How To Plan An Exit Strategy For Your Business

When we talk to business owners, they usually tell us that their business is their pension. Of course, this may be true, but it can be notoriously difficult to quantify this since a business will only be worth what someone else is prepared to pay for it. We apply a bit of financial science to the process of a business exit strategy through what we call Lifestyle Financial Planning.

Creating Wealth – How The Velocity of Money Accelerates the Impact of Inflation

August 24, 1914 – the Reichsbank of the Weimar Republic in Germany made the decision to inflate their currency (or print additional currency) in order to finance the war, as many governments do. This began depreciating the currency, but depreciation of a currency begins very slowly. It gradually increases over time and then when you get towards the end or “terminal stages,” it gathers momentum as a result of one key thing: money velocity increasing.

The Many Benefits of Wealth Management

Wealth management services are specialized financial and management services, which you can avail for better control, protection, and growth of your wealth. However, these services are usually opted by individuals who have high net value wealth, yet you can still benefit if you decide to hire all such services or just a few service from the several offers. One of the greatest advantages of hiring such services is that you can benefit from investment planning services.

Attract Online Riches by Doing What You Do Best

Things are not always the same for two people born on the same day. Everybody is born with a different destiny in which he or she goes through different circumstances. This is what makes each one of us different from one another. When we are born different then why do we all try so hard to fit in by doing what everyone else is doing?

Crashproof Prosperity – What Is It and What’s There to Learn?

OK, so why the need for crashproof prosperity? If you employ a financial advisor, where is she or he getting their information to guide you with? Many advisors are not in control of where their information comes from. What questions should you be asking yourself as to why you’re taking specific actions.

Things to Consider Before Choosing an Asset Management Company

Today, a lot of businesses and wealthy individuals look for the ways to safeguard their wealth, and an asset management firm can help ensure that an individual’s wealth continues to grow. Read this article to know that what things one should consider before choosing an asset management company.

7 Ways Arianna Huffington Should Invest Her New Fortune

Arianna Huffington has $315 million headed her way from the sale of the Huffington Post to AOL. Most financial advisors will recommend that she invest in mostly bonds in order to “preserve” her capital. The timing couldn’t be worse for Arianna to make a move like that. This article explores the “do’s” and “don’ts” of where to invest money now to preserve wealth. It’s much different than what you think or where traditionally the right place to protect your money has been in the past.

How to Build Wealth at a Young Age

Nothing is ‘too soon’ when it comes to becoming wealthy. You don’t need to wait until your older when it comes to building financial wealth. A kid can start building their savings for as young as 7 by starting small.

Mike Dillard’s EVG Review – Is The Elevation Group Right For You?

The Elevation Group (EVG) was created to share investing strategies that the wealthy use. Learn how to protect yourself from the next Great Transfer of Wealth. Mike Dillard has spent the last 3 years compiling people and information to create the Elevation Group.

Making Money – The 5 New Golden Rules Of Money

Making money used to be simple. Get educated, get a job, buy a house, payy off your debts and retire to a government pension. Not any more. Now you must understand the 5 new golden rules of making money if you want to prosper.

Be Part of the Solution and Not Part of the Problem Thru Deliberate Financial Planning

There are fundamental financial principles that you must first implement before you can work on creating wealth. So why Should You Want To Be Rich? Well that’s simple; you can be part of the solution and not part of the problem. During these economically challenged time you need lots of money to make a difference in solving some of the problems facing people all around the world.

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