How to become a wealthy entrepreneur – literally everything you need to do

Seven Rules For Generating Wealth From The Book “The Richest Man in Babylon”

From ancient times, man had the desire and ambition to acquire wealth and maintain it. It has been observed that those who became successful in earning money developed certain sound financial principles with their experience. These principles are universal and unchanging.

The Underside of the Information World

Your computer could suck you into a dark hole, turning your life upside down. That’s because millions of Americans, who love mobile devices and conduct many financial transactions online, are inviting identity fraud criminals to ruin their lives, says an American Association of Retired Persons expert, who has himself been a victim. “It is one of he fastest growing aspects of fraud out there,” says Christopher Widelo, associate state director in government relations and advocacy for the American Association of Retired Persons in New York.

The Failure of Success: Market-Structured Consciousness

Natural human consciousness seems to have morphed into market-structured consciousness. (Coined by author Jay M. Handelman.) A mind overtaken by the financial goals of commercial interests speaks to the concerted efforts of the marketing and public relations industries. We have Edward Bernays, the father of public relations, to thank for fully igniting the mind of commerce.

Top 9 Requirements of QDROS

Learn more about qualified domestic relations orders and what is required for one to be legally accepted after a divorce decree. These are the most common 9 requirements for a QDRO.

He, She or We Money?

When couples marry, should they combine their finances or keep them separate? The answer might surprise you.

Good Personal Financial Habits

This article offers tips on how individuals and households can create good financial habits. These habits will help you maintain long-term financial stability.

Financial Planning – Create Surplus

Are you a master of money or a slave to money? Manage your finance with care can earn you an easy and happy life with reasonable luxuries.

Let the Young Man Take Care of the Old Man

I received this pearl of wisdom second-hand some years ago. A millionaire associate who was a few years older than me, told me that a millionaire who was many years older than him, gave him this advice. The younger millionaire was telling me that when he first started making a lot of money in his 20s, he wasn’t doing much saving or investing.

Don’t Be a Rube

People tend to make things more complicated than they really should be. This goes for many areas of life, but especially with money management and personal finance. I’m here to tell you it can really can be simple.

Tips for Personal Finance

Monitoring income and expenses is a tedious process that requires patience and foresight. While it may be dull to balance your checkbook and ensure bills are being paid, the security provided from managing your money is priceless. By employing a few simple techniques you can make the process both easy and enjoyable.

The Closest Thing To Passive Income: Fixed Income Investments

I hate to debunk the myth made popular by internet marketers but there is no such thing as 100% passive income. The truth is that all so called passive income still requires work. However, the good news is, in some cases, it only requires an initial work load and that would be the case with fixed income investments.

Advantages Offered by the Online Payment Systems

EASY – An online system of paying bills saves you a lot of time, as you won’t need to write checks month after month and maintain a file for bills to be paid or pending payment. The handling of your debts becomes very easy and quick and punctual. If you ever need to check some old bills, you won’t be wasting precious time looking for them, as all the information is contained in one place.

In Denial About Money?

Could you be in denial about money? Find out about the warning signs if you are.

How to Find a Good Location for Your Asset Allocation

For decades, the most widely debated topic in the personal finance is asset allocation. The manuscripts and commentaries written about this topic have surely consumed a small woodland.

Sending Your Child Overseas? International Money Transfers Can Help

Every summer the streets of the UK are populated by overseas groups of schoolchildren or students hoping to improve their English. The world famous Oxford University has representatives from 138 countries studying on a whole variety of summer courses. There is also a wide range of courses to be found right across the UK that are specifically designed to suit the foreign student.

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