How to be a minimalist

What to Look for in a Spread Betting Broker?

Once you decide to go into spread betting for real, you must also know what to look for in a spread betting broker. The best spread betting broker is one that can work well with you. If you’re just starting out and learning the ropes, this is all the more important.

How to Use Online Financial Calculators to Help Your Goals

Online financial tools like mortgage calculators, loan calculators, auto loan calculators and retirement calculators can help you figure out your personal finances. Learn how to maximize your number-crunching skills to save money.

Learning Financial Spread Betting

Did you think that you must lay low during this financial crisis? Is it a tough time for making money? Actually, if you keep seeing your hunches turn into fact when you switch on the financial news, maybe it’s time for you to get into financial spread betting.

Why Send Money Online?

Imagine a family member or friend needs money. They are desperate and really need some help. An emergency has occurred and they have lost their job.

Financial Literacy – Family Fun for Everyone

Parents invest in their children’s futures in all kinds of ways: early education, music lessons, sports, saving for university. But if financial literacy isn’t part of your daughter’s early years, she may well find herself ill-equipped when it comes time to strike out on her own.

Serenity by Freezing

Wisdom comes with winters. ~ Oscar Wilde In this season of deep freeze outside (at least here in the Northern Hemisphere), I wonder what would happen if I put a freeze on my spending? I close my eyes and listen to my body’s response.

What Most Investors Do Not Realize When They Subscribe to an Investment Newsletter

One online publisher breaks down the challenges facing investors when following any investment newsletter, including his own. Also, three services that do a great job helping investors.

Financial Problems – The Cure

If you had the cure for cancer, would you tell anyone? What if you had the cure for what is ailing America’s financial problems, would you keep that to yourself also?

Women and Finance: CFOs of the Household

More and more, women are taking the reigns as Chief Financial Officers of the household, making economic decisions both large and small. As a result, entrepreneurs are taking notice. Here’s a fresh new website on the topic of finance for women that’s designed with this phenomenon in mind.

Reduce Financial Stress in Your Retirement – Create Income Online

Many baby boomers are concerned about stress in their retirement years.ย Most of those will say that they are anxious about their financial well-being, and that they will need more income to live the lifestyle that they had planned. Some have turned to the internet to learn how to make money online to supplement that income…

The Best Books On Personal Finances Ever Made

There are many books on personal finances out there. Usually, the author sells those books or ideas in order to increase their own personal net worth rather than serving others to accomplish their financial goals. Here are a list of books that I believe are the best books on personal finances ever created.

Secrets to Finding Free Coupons to Save Money

Saving money by using coupons for the items you are going to purchase anyway is key. The challenge can be finding these free coupons. Once you realize how easy it is to save money by using coupons you will never want to shop again without them.

The Changing Value of Money

I think its fair to say our financial education here in our culture is severely lacking. If we were to break it down to basics, money has two qualities, a physical and an energetic, for this article we will be talking about the physical sense. I remember as a kid looking at some paper currencies, one of $100 value and another of $5…thinking “how weird, being on the same paper one could buy a whole lot more than the other.” It really did not make much sense, although that’s one of the basic beliefs of fiat currency… ignorance is bliss.

Big Vehicles Can Wreck Your Grocery Budget

Wreck your shopping budget by using a vehicle. I used to fold the seats down into the floor of my van before I went shopping. The extra space meant I could buy anything of any size without having to worry about how I was going to get it home.

Financial Planning – A Planning for Turning Your Pennies Into Big Bucks

If you are in your twenties, commenced your professional career in corporate world and have a regular source of income, one confusion will always rule your mind and that is “Do you need a financial plan”? You must be wondering that if your grandparents or parents didn’t need it, then why do you need”?

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