How The Rich Profit Off A Recession

Cash Loans for Unemployed – The Leading Fiscal Option Among Jobless People

Unemployed people are always in need of funds to accomplish their personal or temporary requirements. In view of that cash loans for unemployed are mainly designed for jobless people to remove cash worries. These loans are easily availed online.

Plan for a Better Tomorrow With Immediate Annuities

When you get old, your time to get retired comes. Financial worries are the most threatening thoughts during that very phase of your life. Immediate annuities provide an option of regular income for retirees. Based on the annuity quotes, however, an individual should decide on the companies offering these schemes.

Defer Worries With Deferred Annuity

This article aims at focusing on the benefits and functionalities of the deferred annuity and the life annuity. Reading this article will enable one to comprehend the same better.

Lottery Winners Never Claim Their Money

It’s hard to believe, however, each and every year dozens of major jackpot lottery winners don’t claim their winnings. Could of, would of, should of… all the would-be winner had to do was check their ticket.

Immediate Income Annuity – A Better Choice for the Retirees

Immediate income annuity requires the retirees invest a lump sum amount. In exchange of one-time investment, the investors earn a series of monthly income for 10-15 years or throughout their lifetime.

Asset Recovery Specialists Are Portrayed in a Dim Light

There is almost $1 Trillion dollars available in unclaimed property departments in all 50 states. Out of that, about $33 Billion of that money is shown “on the books” in Unclaimed Property offices nationwide. Much of this money is never known to the general public, which is held in approximately 400 different governmental offices federally and statewide. States call us Money Finders and pass laws putting limits or “capping” how much money can be made from helping people locate funds that they did not know existed. States like to say that companies like ours and people involved in this type of business are piranhas or sharks that prey on the unsuspecting public taking advantage of them when they need help and are the most vulnerable, especially after a property has been taken through a tax sale or mortgage foreclosure.

Unclaimed Money and the Demutualization of Life Insurance Companies

Demutualization is the process of taking a mutual life insurance company that is owned by its policyholders and converting it into a publicly traded stock company owned by shareholders, in accordance with a plan of conversion that has been approved by policyholders and state regulators. It also goes by the names of stocking or privatization.

Surviving the Assault of Inflation

Inflation has become a daunting word to investors. There is a fear that the assets being invested today won’t sustain inflation in the years to come. It has the potential to inadvertently chip away as your hard-earned retirement. Understanding how inflation may affect your retirement requires a dedicated and structured plan.

Best Financial Planning Software

The best financial planning software can really be an asset to both you and your business. It can help you take control of your finances as well as your life thereby getting you one step closer to financial freedom. You can budget, plan, manage and control, all in aid of empowering you to become more productive and effective.

Financial Assistance Is Available for Single Mothers

Juggling the duties of providing the basic needs of children such as food and tuition, as well as paying utility bills, can be a very difficult job for a single mother. It is torture for her when the kids get sick and she has no savings to pay for hospital bills and medicine.

Early Retirement Planning – How to Achieve Your Dream

The idea of retiring early is a dream many people hold. While you might love your job, you also want to see the world and spend quality time with your family while you still feel good and vital. You can retire early and how early, depends on how well you plan. Early retirement planning for retirement that starts before your reach 62, when you can start a lower Social Security payment, requires even more planning and more money.

Wealth and the “R” Word

Wealthy people don’t talk about themselves as “rich.” The word is generally used pejoratively to dehumanize a class of people who seem remote and morally suspect to those with less resources.

Personal Finance Advice – Dealing With the Major Financial Issues That Follow A Divorce

Other than the extreme emotional distress that can be brought on by a divorce, probably the single most important issue that is associated with it are the finances. Not only will the expenses for the parting couple increase, there will be a variety of money issues they will have to face after everything is said and done in court.

Repairing a Credit Rating After a Trust Deed – Trust Deed Afterlife

Protected Trust Deeds, a debt remedy taken up by thousands of Scottish people each year, can be a highly effective way of writing off debt and regaining control of your personal finances. A reason why people do not pursue Trust Deeds is the fear that their credit rating will be permanently ruined.

Running on Empty Financially

A friend of mine has had this ongoing feud with her mother. She says she does not make enough money to save for her future and that saving is pointless as anything you put in the bank is eroded by inflation anyway. Her mother is scandalised by this notion as she firmly believes Benjamin Franklin’s maxim that a penny saved is still a penny earned. Actually more once you consider taxes.

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