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How To Prepare For The Coming Economic Depression

If you have been watching the news lately I am sure you have heard the numerous stories of how high the national debt has gotten. It’s quickly heading towards $14 trillion dollars. And yes you read that right.

5 Things You Must Do To Survive The Coming Economic Depression

The Government bailouts and handouts have made an economic depression very likely. And as we all know, these type of situations can take a major toll on you psychologically, financially and spiritually. But the truth is, you can survive if you take the necessary action right now.

The Top 4 Things You Will Need To Survive The Coming Economic Depression

It is a fact that millions of people in America expect there to be a serious economic depression in the near future. The problem is that many of them aren’t prepared for such an event. Are you prepared?

The Key To Surviving The Coming Economic Depression

The key to surviving the coming economic depression is simply preparation. You must prepare in advance if you truly want you and your family to make it through what will be a really tough time. The first thing you can do to prepare is start paying off as much debt as you can.

3 Major Financial Mistakes

There are many things you can do wrong with money. However, there are a few mistakes that are particularly troublesome. I have definitely made at least one of them, so hopefully I can help prevent you from harming your financial future.

Law Suits Against Law Firms Offering Credit Card Debt Relief

Recently there has been a lot of scuttle about the debt settlement industry, and for the most part rightfully so. The industry in the past has been marred with scam companies whose only interest was making a fortune fast, off the backs of people desperately seeking help.

Basic Bank Accounts – The Alternatives For Bankrupts

As the number of people entering bankruptcy in Scotland continues at a rate that is double of that for England and Wales, the issues facing these Scots continue to rise. Around 24,000 people in Scotland became bankrupt in 2010 which is twice as many compared to 2007. That is a frightening number of people who are now at the lowest point on the financial status ladder. And with bankruptcy comes many problems.

Understanding Prenuptial Agreements

A prenuptial agreement doesn’t have to be the death toll for romance. If approached thoughtfully and with candor, it can actually lead to greater intimacy. Of course, prenuptial agreements aren’t for every couple. But, given the current statistics for marital bliss-one in three first marriages end in divorce and 50 percent of all second and third marriages experience serious problems-prenuptial agreements can also be wise financial planning.

How I Saved $3,000 a Month in Household Expenses

Here are 12 terrific ways to save money on household expenses that can really add up. Many of us have had to start budgeting to make ends meet. These ways to save money reduced my household bills by $3,000 a month! Your mileage may vary.

Earn Extra Income Through Personal Finance Techniques

There are many advantages to having other sources of income. With the economy as it is these days, you can never really tell how long you could be financially stable. In this article, you will learn about some personal finance tips to help ensure that you could sustain the family’s needs even during tough times.

Understanding Your Pension Statement

Understanding your pension statement can be quite confusing. It is very important to ensure that you understand all of the figures and what they mean within the statement. Everybody that has a pension is sent a statement annually.

Making Extra Money Streams

A summary of the mindset and strategies needed to produce extra streams of personal income. A great beginning source for those interested in expanding their income and lifestyle.

5 Painless Ways to Increase Your Savings

Increasing the balance in your savings account can be easier that it seems. Here are 5 easy ways to save more money.

Are We in an Economic Crisis or Epidemic? Why Does It Matter?

It is both! Here’s why… Crisis means it is the worrying time in which things are very uncertain, difficult or painful. It is a time in which action must be taken to avoid a disaster or a breakdown. Epidemic is based on how many people are affected. A substantial amount of our population is being greatly affected by our economic downfall. It is a disease. Disease can mean many different things. Our negative mindset is creating disease in our financial, spiritual, physical and mental well-being. Experiencing ourselves or our loved ones losing jobs, homes, and their livelihoods have made a negative impact on how we view the world.

ZOPA 2 Years On – How Am I Doing?

So in theory, everyone’s a winner with a service like ZOPA – apart from the bankers, of course. It all sounds very enticing, but how does it work in practice and what risks does the lender need to bear in mind?

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