How smart millionaires would invest 100 million dollars if they won the lottery

Fidelity’s Age-Based Savings Guidelines May Be Too Light

Last week, Fidelity released a report that said the average person should save at least eight times their ending income (assuming a retirement age of 67) in order to retire. To reach that goal, Fidelity suggests that you should have one year’s salary saved by age 35, three times your salary by age 45, and five times by age 55. To get a feel for all the assumptions (rate of return, wage growth, savings increasing over time, etc.) that go into this report, you should read it. One of the main assumptions is that you will spend 85% of your working income in retirement from age 67 until 92.

Financial Stress Reduction Methods for Better Health

It is reckoned that as many as 4 in 5 adults now suffer from financial stress as a result of the worsening economic climate. This in turn can increase the risk of other ailments such as anxiety, migraines, high blood pressure and depression. It can seriously damage a persons quality of life. However, there are ways in which you can help yourself alleviate that stress and achieve a reasonable quality of life.

Ways To Increase The Rate Of Return On Your Savings

The current rate on most savings accounts is a lot less than inspiring. Some banks have slipped to less than a tenth of one percent on standard savings accounts. With rates so low, there is no mystery why people are looking for any way possible to get a better return on their savings.

How Do You Select a Financial Planner?

There are many good financial planners who can truly help you accomplish your goals and objectives. But, just like in every other industry, there are financial planners who might hinder, rather than advance your financial progress. To separate the best from the rest, ask questions.

Silver – A Poor Man’s Gold Investment

Both Gold and Silver have long enjoyed traditional, cultural as well as age old investment heritage in India. Possession of both have been denoted as a symbol of prosperity and add to the status of a person or family. Silver which has largely played the role of second preference when compared to gold has over the years caught up and is one of metals that have seen astronomical increases in price.

Evolving Trends In Banking Technology

Banking technology is evolving to make the communities smarter and efficient to cope with the financial crunches and instable conditions. Banking and financial institutions are continuously developing new and advanced financial instrument to benefit society and economy.

Why Is Generation Y Is Struggling to Land Jobs in the Workplace?

Generation Y is struggling to land good entry level jobs in the work place right now. This article examines the clash between the Millenial generation and the Baby Boomers and how Generation Y will affect Corporate America in the future.

Plan for Tomorrow But Live for Today!

Most people spend more time planning their vacations and evenings out than they do planning their family finances. Think about it; vacations are usually very well planned. We take into consideration all kinds of things like: when we will leave, what we need to do before we go, what we will bring along, how we will get to the airport, what we will do when we get there, how we will get to the hotel and around town, where we will eat, and so on.

Riding The Money Merry-Go-Round

Welcome to the Money-Merry-Go-Round. It’s called a job. We get on board this money merry-go-round each and every day.

5 Tips To Save At The Grocery Store

Trips to the grocery store have become increasingly more expensive over the last several years. Learn 5 tips to save on your next trip to the grocery store.

Organizing Your Job Search – Six Steps to Get You on Your Way

Six steps that you can take to have an organized and successful job search. These steps will help you build the foundation of a successful job search.

Quiz: What’s Your Level of Financial Literacy?

Financial knowledge is necessary to operate within today’s economy. Take a 5-question quiz to measure your level of financial literacy, and compare yourself to the national average.

4 Habits That Help You Gain the Ability to Save Money

Ability to save money is a basic skill that every individual should possess. This skill can be built only when you follow certain important steps, having internal motivation and positive attitude. In order to acquire the ability to save money, you need to inculcate some habits that may be painful but will help you reach your savings goals.

The Principles of Austrian Economics

The objective of this article is to summarize the principles of economics related to the Austrian school of economics. The Austrian school originated at the University of Vienna by Carl Menger. Today, the Austrian school represents a different perspective from the mainstream economics.

The Virtue of Staying Invested

The objective of this article is to make readers realize that long term investors will benefit from the volatile markets of today. In an era of rapid information movement, markets have developed significant “mood swings”. These swings are not driven by “market fundamentals” alone; “news hype” would significantly impact market movements and valuations as well.

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