How Much Should You Spend On A House

Checks and Checking Accounts – One Person’s Story

I have been using checking accounts my entire adult life. I have learned a few things along the way when it comes to these accounts. The first thing is do not commit the sin of overdrawing your account; you will live to regret it. Most banks will charge fees for overdrawing your account and they can be hefty.

How To Find Cash For College

Do you need cash for college? While there are a variety of ways to get it, only one way can actually turn into a steady cash flow well beyond college. This article explains how it works.

The Best Way To Manage Money – 5 Simple Steps to Managing Your Personal Finances

Effective money management is the key to building wealth and planning for an abundant future. These simple steps, if followed, will put you on the path to independence and truly living the life that you deserve.

Is It Always Less Risky To Invest In Stock Mutual Funds Than Directly In Stocks?

In easy to understand terms, the author compares some of the risks of investing in stock mutual funds versus investing directly in stocks. Factors such as diversification, market risk and management fees are explored.

How to Live the Lavishly Without Breaking the Bank

Many of us have been negatively affected by the economy in recent years. Others have seen the effect that it had on individuals in their area, even if they were not affected on their own. As a result, a majority of the population has turned to a more frugal way of living and then tightened their wallets.

Find An Auto Title Lender Who Follows Best Practices

When using Best Practices, auto title loans work to make the loan process a safe one for each customer. The partnership between lender and borrower runs more smoothly when both parties are responsible for their part. A company which clearly states its rules and regulations for all potential customers to see have taken the initial step to making a loan more understandable.

Self Directed IRAs: What They Are And How They Help

What are self directed real estate IRAs? We take a look at them in this article.

How to Successfully Get Rid of All Debt

There is a lot of advice out there on how to get out of debt, but is it successful? What is it that generally sabotages our efforts to rid ourselves of the debt monster? And what is it that makes us succeed at some things and not others? Identifying the elements which enable us to succeed at other goals in our lives can help us to determine the best way of tackling our debt issues to ensure we successfully get rid of all debt.

Financial Complexity – Two Strategies to Help Simplify Your Financial Life

Financial success will bring complexity! There are very few exceptions to this statement.

Financial Responsibility – What It Means

What does it mean to be financially responsible? That’s a great question. A lot of the time, people think financial responsibility is only about being careful with money, but there is much more to it than that.

3 Types of Income: How Music Royalties Can Help You to Achieve Financial Freedom

So what is a royalty? Basically, it is a contract between the distributor and the holder of a valued product (intellectual property) that agrees to pay the provider a percentage of profits for the life of the contract. Royalties are the primary way a musician can generate passive income. But in order to receive this income you must first create an asset such as a great song or beloved composition and protect it with something like a copyright or patent. You must know how to legally protect your property, either intellectual or physical, from infringement and counterfeiting. Consult with a good intellectual property attorney who will take the time to educate you as to the in’s and outs of intellectual property protection. So if you can market expertly and create a devoted fan base that continues to buy or rent your intellectual property over many years, then you are assured a secure source of passive income.

Avoid Money Mistakes Your Parents Committed

As kids and teens, many of us have seen our parents struggling to manage money properly. Not everybody’s parents are like this, but many parents make some common money mistakes. Here are some of them and try not to repeat them in your life.

Six Mistakes Teenagers Do While Handling Money

Are you a spendthrift? Do you spend money lavishly? If your answer is ‘Yes’, you need to seriously control your finances for a planned and secure future. As teenager, you make certain mistakes while spending that you are not aware of. This is because adolescence is a stage when you don’t have the proper knowledge of handling money. You repeat the same mistake again and again, just to fulfill your unnecessary wants. You are unaware of the value and importance of money. For you, it is very easy to spend the hard-earned money of your parents.

Protect Yourself Against Cash Advance Loans From Other Countries

I read an article on cash advance loans today. It made me both laugh and it made me mad. It was one of those overseas payday loan companies writing about the greatness of cash advances. Some of the sentences didn’t quite make sense, but I was still able to get the simplicity of their message.

Cash Advance Lenders Help Maintain Credit Scores

Those with poor or no credit scores will most often use cash advance lenders when needing some extra cash. Creditors are not providing new lines of credit very readily and folks are seeking alternative avenues. Since the payday loan lender is not affiliated with any type of credit check that is one number a borrower won’t have to worry about.

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