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New Study Identifies the Economic Benefits of 1031 Exchanges

A new research study conducted this summer shows what many real estate investors already suspected: that 1031 exchanges are beneficial for the economy. Repealing 1031 benefits is something that legislators are toying with as a way to use the capital gains received from these sales to support overall revenue for the country. Many industry experts have argued this for years, especially as Congress has argued that 1031 exchanges are not that beneficial.

Stop Working Hard and Grow Money on Trees

The rules of money have changed, and working hard for a living doesn’t work anymore. Today, it’s all about growing your money on trees!

The Rules of Money Have Changed!

Many people are being financially destroyed today because they continue to play by the old rules of money. The rules of money changed in 1971. To survive and thrive today, you have to smarten up and play by the new rules!

REITS and the 1031 Exchange: What You Need to Know

Learn more about the value of 1031 exchanges. More REIT investors are using these transactions today to get the capital gains deferral benefits you might be seeking.

Top Benefits of Using a Financial Planner

In years past, a financial planner helped only the wealthy with money management issues. Today, many people can benefit from hiring this type of professional.

What You Should Know About TFSAs

Tax Free Savings Accounts (TFSAs) are registered savings plans with the ability to earn investment income that is tax free. These funds can provide security for the future and financially prepare you for retirement.

Tips for Hiring a Qualified Intermediary

Learn more about hiring a qualifed intermediary. Conduct this research before hiring someone to help with your 1031 exchange.

7 Tips to Help You Manage Your Income and Start Saving Money

7 tips to manage income and save money that you can start today. Really watching how you spend your disposable income, can help save money when emergencies occur.

How to Manage Your Money Better in Five Easy Steps

A common challenge most people face is how to manage their money. This article recommends simple steps to help you make better use of your income and live a better life.

Dear Joneses, You Win!

If you’ve ever wondered what an open letter from a neighbor who has decided to no longer compete with her neighbors would be like, this is it! Experience the liberation a neighbor feels when she sets her mind on her financial future.

How To Handle Sudden Wealth

Sudden wealth seems like the exact opposite of a problem. But for many, an abrupt change for the better in their financial lives can create a host of unexpected pitfalls.

Offshore Accounts – Is This Legal?

An offshore bank account is good for holding cash for many reasons, including Privacy, Flexibility and to a degree Safety. For the majority of ‘Offshore’ account holders they are a completely legitimate way of managing their own affairs with a high degree of privacy. Privacy is being eroded but can be maintained with the use of Specialist Insurance contracts know as Private Placement Life Insurance or PPLI.

Five Reasons That Hold People Back From Financial Education

Excuses, excuses, excuses? This article provides five reasons that prevent people from embarking on the path to financial freedom. We make time for what’s most important to us. For everything else, we make excuses.

It’s Realer Than You Think!

The global economy is weak – and weakening even more! Having a financial education and knowing how to make money work hard for you is more important today than ever.

Evaluating Your Circle of Friends

People say a good indicator of your future success is the friends you keep in the present. This article goes into depth about how business and investing are team sports, and how choosing your circle of influence is critical to your success.

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