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The Best Forex Indicators

As an online trader in the foreign exchange market (forex), your trades can be based on fundamental, sentimental, or technical analysis. These are the same tools that stock market day traders use. The difference between the two traders is, stock market trading is based on company value and the forex market is based on the value of a country’s currency. But countries don’t have balance sheets, so fundamental analysis has to be tweaked to be a useful tool for online traders in the Forex market.

Lies About Tax Lien Investing

A couple of years ago I picked up a very interesting book from a garage sale titled “Lies My Teacher Told Me.” I forget the name of the author, but he was a history teacher and in this book he exposed how history has been pretty much re-written in the textbooks to suit the government institution that’s teaching it. The book exposed some of the truths about history that are covered up because it doesn’t show our founding fathers in their best light.

Complex Investment Strategies for Positive Returns

A hedge fund is a type of investment instrument that uses strategies such as derivative, leveraged, short, and long positions. Some funds capitalize on bond prices while others focus on equity index options. The main goal is to perform under different market conditions and reduce risk and volatility as much as possible.

Electric Deregulation: How Does It Affect Your Electric Bill?

Find out how electric deregulation will impact you financially. What exactly is the deregulation of electric?

What Is Superannuation? An Overview

Superannuation is a tax structure in Australia designed to encourage people to save for their own retirement. The incentive of investing within Superannuation is that significant tax concessions can be achieved.

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