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Persistence! The Key to Wealth

Persistence is the key to wealth generation. Anyone who wants to make wealth must be persistence in the road to success. Quitters are losers in the journey of life.

Extra Income, Cost Savings, and the Financial Wellness Axiom

Two factors are important to the majority of people today: The need to cut expenses, and finding a way to supplement existing income. The Financial Wellness Axiom merges these components together to put you in a position of control over your finances. Job security does not exist, but self-reliance will put you in charge of your financial future.

Are You Selling Your Gold For the Right Price?

This article is about selling your gold in the modern day market and getting fair market shares for it. Once the reader finishes he should be more aware of gold sales.

Modern Portfolio Theory – Why it Works and How to Use It

As we have all seen from the markets of October 2007 through March 2009, nobody is immune to the negative impact of a broad, deep contraction. Many felt the impact, not just in their investment portfolios but in their business and career prospects as well. Despite an unwavering belief that Modern Portfolio Theory (MPT) is the right strategy, we realize people are seeing and hearing conflicting messages everywhere. Sometimes that message is “There has been a fundamental and permanent shift in how capital markets work. The theories of Modern Portfolio Theory and broad diversification may be obsolete”. We emphatically disagree.

Well, Just How is Wealth Created?

Years ago, in the mid-seventies, a colleague invested $100 in a bank at 5% interest. At around the same time I invested $100 in a crashed motorcycle and broke it up and sold it off as used spares. Engine, gearbox, tires, clutch, handlebars, levers, gas tank, seat, front wheel, rear wheel and frame. You get the idea!

Four Key Ideas For Creating Wealth

Paul Getty says that there are 4 things you must do in order to be rich. Firstly, you must be in a business for yourself. Secondly, Paul Getty says you must have unique, highly consumable products. Thirdly, you must be able to build success upon the success of others. And last but not least, your business must be able to leverage your time.

Wealth Creation – The Players Often Change, But the Rules Don’t!

There are certain rules that you must adhere to if you are going to create wealth. The first one is to do your own thinking, constantly, on a day-to-day basis.

The Effective Grant Sample – Four Facts to Note

With so many potential grant providers out there, it’s no surprise that a new grant writer can quickly become overwhelmed. You may find yourself panicking, wondering if you chose grants that were related to your business and if you actually qualify for them. It can be unsteady territory. Luckily – this is where the idea of a grant sample comes in.

Why Abandoned Property Laws Shouldn’t Stop You From Becoming a Found Money Pro

If you’ve been looking into becoming a found money pro and have been discouraged by the finder’s fee caps that most states have in place for assisting and recovering abandoend property, fret not! Due to a very-little-known loophole, you can still go after unclaimed property to which the abandoned property laws don’t apply, and charge 30-50% for your information and assistance.

Unclaimed Abandoned Property – Find it, and Collect Five Figure Finder Fees

Ever heard of unclaimed or abandoned property? It’s money or assets that are being held in the possession of a governmental agency, that belong to a business, or an ordinary citizen like yourself. You may have seen state abandoned property websites, where you can type in your name and see if you have a forgotten bank account, or an old utility deposit that’s been turned over to the government. That is unclaimed abandoned property – but unclaimed abandoned property can also be (and often is) sums of money that run into the tens of thousands of dollars.

Bypass State Unclaimed Funds – A Money Finder Loophole

If you are or are thinking about becoming a money finder, you’re probably more than a little bummed out about the 5-15% finder fee caps imposed by almost every state unclaimed funds department. There’s so much money out there and so many people that will probably never hear about it without the aid of a professional money finder, that really, you’re right to feel a little peeved about that. You deserve a larger cut for the work you do – and now, due to a little-known loophole, you can legally charge 30-50%.

How to Become a Recession Proof Millionaire – Starting With Nothing!

Today the world economy is in a shambles and many honest, hard working people find themselves the victim of an economic meltdown that they were powerless to stop. While these events may have landed many in financial dire straits, there is absolutely no reason why anyone cannot take action and remedy their situation.

Could We See a Double Dip Recession?

In terms of the financial situation with the global economy, the optimist sees the half full glass as the end of an almost 2-year long recession. The pessimist sees it as half full and evaporating as the months pass. Somewhere in the middle of the two is the reality that using Wall Street as the barometer for the health of the economy is neither half full, nor half empty. Even casual observers of the financial status of investments at present see it as “dead cat bounce”, meaning if you toss a cat from a high enough building, it will bounce.

The Number One Reason You Aren’t Wealthy

Are you wealthy beyond your wildest dreams? If you answered no to that question then it is likely that there is a number one reason that you aren’t wealthy. If you can discover the number one reason you aren’t wealthy then you can fix that and you can become extremely rich.

If You Want to Be Rich You Don’t Need Good Grades

Did you parents ever give you the advice that in order to become wealthy they need to study hard, get good grades so they can get a good job? I know I have heard this advice on many occasions from my parents. But the fact is that getting good grades no longer ensures that you will become wealthy. Even many doctors, who are often the ones with the best grades, are now struggling to earn a lot of money. If you want to get rich, without needing good grades, then read on.

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