Here’s why you don’t feel fulfilled in life (it’s not about money)

Financial Disaster

Most people are just 30 days from financial disaster. Here we look at the reasons what causes personal Financial disaster and what you can do to give yourself financial security and prevent financial disaster.

Part Time Jobs That Can Help To Pay The Bills

There are lots of ways that individuals can bring extra money on the side. Here are a few of the jobs that can help you to meet the monthly bills.

Online Banking Security: Beware of OddJob Trojan

If you have been using online banking for the past, then you know for sure that it is a wise habit to log out of your web session every time you complete a transaction. Don’t just close the window. You need to make sure that nobody can take a look at your transactions and your password. So every time you complete a transaction, make sure you log out. But there is a new malware out there, which makes it difficult to know if you are logged out or not. It is called the OddJob Trojan. According to Trusteer, this new Trojan has the ability to hijack the sessions of online banking customer in real time. This Trojan then uses the session ID of customers even if they think that they have logged out. This is perhaps the reason why it is now called the Oddjob Trojan.

5 Money Saving Tips To Get Out Of Debt

Difficult financial times leave lots of people struggling to make ends meet. But before you think about taking out a debt consolidation loan or following any debt management plan, here are 5 simple money saving tips which can help you get your finances back on track.

How to Create Diversity in Your Portfolio

Building a diversified portfolio is important and will help you achieve your financial goals. To find out more about creating a great portfolio read on.

Tips on Saving for Your Child’s Education

Saving for your child’s education is very important. You should start as early as possible. There are several ways to save money for your child’s education read on to find out more.

Letting the Fourth Quarter Be the Beginning – A Plan For Personal Debt Reduction

Quite often as September rolls around with the end of summer, Labor Day and now the honoring of the 9/11 heroes, many tend to brace for the final quarter of the year planning to spend, spend, spend. This doesn’t have to be the plan for Fourth Quarter, 2011.

What Can Money Saving Experts Teach You?

Money saving experts can teach you new ways of thinking about how you handle money and how to take an organized approach to making your money go further. Just because you aren’t making the amount of money that you would like, that doesn’t mean that you can’t have a fulfilling life. You just need to look at some of the ways in which you interact with money and make wiser choices.

Why You Should Use Online Banking

These days, people no longer have to go to actual bank branches in order to transact their banking needs. Instead, they just turn on their computers and log on to their online banking accounts. After a few minutes, they complete a number of transactions such as paying bills and transferring money. It is a great experience to visit a bank branch. The staff and the tellers are friendly, most of the time. Nothing could also replace the warmth of other human beings. However, a lot of smaller branches of banks have closed. That means that going to the bank may involve a trip to a bigger town or to the city.

Examples of Passive Income

Examples of passive income comes in many shapes and sizes. The definition can also vary depending on who you talk to such as the IRS. But the general understanding goes like this. As the term implies, passive income is money that is earned without your active involvement in the work that generates the earnings.

More Banks Closing

As growing US national debt rises and consumers find themselves swamped in debt, local and branch banks are finding it harder and harder to stay afloat. Thanks to the easy money schemes of the Federal Reserve fractional reserve system, people have found themselves thrown out on the streets and banks are being forced to close their doors. Read on…

4 Simple Ways To Make Extra Money This Weekend

How many times do you start off your Monday morning thinking, “where did this weekend go?” This weekend instead of just letting time pass you by, see what you can earn!

One Income Living in a Two Income World

I hear it all the time: “It must be nice making so much money you can be home with your kids. We could never afford to do that.” Excuse me? Our family of five lives on an income which could easily qualify for several low-income programs. We make so much money, huh? Where is it?!

Documents Needed for a Comprehensive Financial Plan

Nothing is more important in the financial planning process than gathering complete and accurate data. Since plan illustrations often project over 20 years or more, incomplete or inaccurate data could make cause your planning efforts to become useless. Here is a guide to the documents you need to collect before you begin.

Teaching Money to Make Every Dollar Count

Some of the wealthiest people we know of mastered the art of controlling their spending before they became as wealthy. Now, they have more than they can spend hence the tendency to splash money on anything and everything. Wouldn’t you do the same if you felt like you owned everything?

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