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5 Essential Budgeting Steps We Often Forget

Unfortunately, budgeting isn’t something any of us can run away from but with the right perspective, it can be a source of excitement instead of stress! The key is to know why you are doing this. Here’s five simple yet essential steps you can implement today to improve your personal finance.

Simple Money Management Tips

The secret to success is knowing how to manage your money. It does not matter how much you earn, what matters is how you manage what you earn. In this article, you will learn vital money management tips which can lead to financial freedom.

Financial Planning Tips To Get You On The Right Track

Sometimes financial planning can seem too complicated and daunting. As a result, people are too scared to take any action. In this article we give you some simple tips you can start doing today.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – What’s It All About?

Robert Kiyosaki wrote a story with a bold message to improve your lifestyle. Here are the main points summarised. A much recommended read and a must for everyone!

10 Unconventional Money Tips For A Happy Retirement

It seems that the first thing that comes to mind in any discussion about retirement is money. How much do you need? Have you put enough away? Are your investments good ones, and safe? Money is indeed important. But, your attitude about money may be more important. People at all different income levels do have happy retirements. Here are ten tips that, though a bit unconventional, may help you look at retirement differently.

Keen to Save Money? The Benefits of Taking a Proactive Approach When You Feel Hard Done By

How closely do you check your bills or invoices when they are sent through? Do you just pay them without question? And what do you do when things go wrong? Time to sit up and take action to improve your financial situation. Read on to find out how you could save money and get a real boost too!

15 Suggestions To Keep Payday Loan Lenders From Filling Your Gas Tank

Visiting online payday loan lender sites or storefronts for access to quick cash to help cover the rise in fuel prices is not an untold story. Filling the gas tank is one of those things that for most of us cannot be avoided, but the rise in fuel costs is overflowing finances with debt once more.

Banking Services for Better Business Efficiency

Delivering consistent, accurate and effective banking services are critical to any bank or financial institution! Often times, effective banking instruments and solutions help businesses to grow exponentially.

Key Takeaways From Warren Buffett’s Letter

Every year-end Warren Buffett writes a letter to his shareholders summarizing the performance of his company Berkshire Hathaway Inc. and also presents his views on various facets of finance and economy. Following are the key takeaways from his most recent of such letters.

Diversifying Business Wealth: Pensions for High-Income Small Business Owners

Last week, I attended a speech by Dr. Christopher Waller, Senior Vice President and Director of Research at the Federal Reserve Bank of St. Louis. He pointed out that tax revenues over the last 40 years have averaged approximately 18% of GDP per year in the United States, but currently are approximately 15% of GDP. During that same period, federal government spending averaged 20% of GDP per year, but has now increased to approximately 24%. A 2% deficit prior to 2008 is now closer to 9%. These numbers will fluctuate year-to-year based on our economy and political priorities. Politicians will argue about the details, but a combination of future spending cuts and higher taxes is almost inevitable.

Going Through Your Credit Card Application

Are you wondering what are some things that you should be looking for with your credit card application? It is funny when most people don’t know that they should be careful when it comes to applications online.

Gold and Silver Investments This Navratri and Dussehra

Navratri & Dussehra is a joyous occasion for numerous people for many reasons. But from an investors perspective one should look out for exciting offers and deals that generally come up this festive season. Generally during this time most retail investment brokerage firms come up with exciting offers on various financial products to attract target clients. Most prominent products included in promotional offers are the E-series method of commodities investment i.e. E-gold and E-Silver through NSEL platform. Thus there is every reason for investors to cheer as this is a very good time to buy into these products.

Your Financial Upbringing: How Childhood Shapes Your Money Habits

The school year is well underway for millions of children around the country who are grappling with the difficulties of being kids – issues we adults can forget at times. Our problems – office politics, the mortgage, caring for aging loved ones – seem so much bigger than the things our children have to face in their lives.

Understand the Pros and Cons of Saving Money in Piggy Banks

It is always a great idea to put some money away for a rainy day or for a future purchase. But where you put it is a personal choice depending on what your considerations are.

Helpful Tips And Advice About Managing Your Finances

Now is a great time to opt for generic-label groceries. Store brand foods are often similar to name brand foods. In fact, many products contain the exact same ingredients. Purchasing generic food items can save you money, so give them a try.

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