Grantham: We’re In One Of The Greatest Bubbles In Financial History

Long-Term Care Expense Planning For Financial Advisors: Five-Step Process

Planning for long-term care expense requires that financial advisors consistently follow a defined process to be sure that key factors that lead to appropriate recommendations are reviewed with every client. Here is a five-step process that provides a logical sequence of information and tasks to be completed. The outcome is an easy to follow template that minimizes delays and declines.

PPI Claims Continue and Banks Fight Back

Have you been mis-sold payment protection insurance (PPI)? If yes then you can make a PPI claim in order to receive compensation. There has been an increase in the number of PPI claims from the past few years. Some people still remain unaware of the fact that they were being sold PPI by lenders through a number of unethical ways.

Living Below Means

Live below your means. Many people wrongly assume that they understand what it is to live below their means. Most of people prepare budget on monthly basis i.e., whatever they receive income, they use for entire amount for that particular month only.

10 Pointers in Selecting a Mutual Fund

Mutual Fund investment has been an investment avenue for the retail investor and has been very popular over the years. However it doesn’t mean that investors have become adept in selecting Mutual Funds with ease and accuracy.

No Chexsystems Banks – More Choices For People With Bad Credit

If you’ve been denied a checking account, look no further than ChexSystems, Inc. They are one of two agencies whose records can be accessed by banks. The other is TeleChecks. Being in either of these databases means your application will most likely be rejected. A no Chexsystems bank can help.

Take My Free Advice And Manage Your Cash At The Bank

Your safest place for your money might be at the bank. FDIC insured and earning interest.

How To Become A Saving Money Expert

Want ways to become a money savings expert? Here they are.

Why You Shouldn’t Save

Basic answer — it is the math. When you have any credit card debt (and you may utilize this for auto loans too), chances you’re paying between 6% up to 25% interest on the account balances.

How To Get Rich In A Short Period Of Time-Building Wealth

How to get rich in a short period of time is what most people are looking for these days. However, most people today have an antique view of personal finance. Simply put, they are passing on to their children the financial advice that their parents once passed on to them. But most of these people are not in a better financial position than their parents were. Why repeat the mistakes of the past? If it did not work then, it certainly will not work now. The crystal ball shows that the financial world is changing at an accelerated speed before our very eyes…

Fannie Mae Acknowledges Policy Change That Favors Foreclosure Over Loan Modification

In recent months, banks and financial advisors have been reporting an unusual trend. The federally owned and operated mortgage securities bank, Fannie Mae has been quietly encouraging smaller banks to foreclose on homeowners.

The Future of Social Security Benefits

Social Security has been in the news a lot lately. It’s hard to keep up with the changes that are taking place or that may take place. Find out what you need to know about Social Security and how to plan for your future.

Finance for Beginners – The Best Way to Become a Professional

Financing is described as a method of getting the resources to buy an item, then repaying the credit in a set period of time for an established monthly or weekly charge. Generally, individuals turn to financing when purchasing a house, a boat, or even a car, but there’re occasions when financing may be required to buy other necessities. For instance, furniture shops may possibly offer financing plans to individuals who want to buy whole room sets, and yes, there’re business that offer computers and equipment with very similar plans.

Earnings Season Ending, Risk Season Beginning – Danger Ahead

Since the recovery began, I have recognized a trend in the stock market where the market rises during earnings season, which have been stellar, and falls once it’s over. The concept is that earnings have been better than expected in every quarter so investors get excited, but when the announcements are over there is no more ‘good enough’ news left to push stocks higher.

A Few Facts About Pension Schemes

With the state pension yielding just over 10,000 GBP per annum, it is becoming unthinkable not to have another means of income for retirement. There are several ways to back-up the pension scheme and in doing so, it is possible to have a little more financial security.

I Don’t Want To Budget!

It really is not that hard to create a budget. As long as you have the right tools, budgeting is a very effective cash management technique.

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