Grantham: Invest Like This To Prepare For The Next Crash

Rules of Thumb

I learned budgeting in my college days. My dad required me to do a 6 month cash flow projection before I got my ‘student loan’. I am sure I was the only student who had to do that. After 20 plus years of working with people and their money, I think every college student should be required to create and live by their cash flow projections.

Build and Maintain Financial Wealth

There are a few steps to building and maintaining wealth. They must be followed to achieve financial success for you, your family and your heirs. The following gems will help you build wealth and keep it for your lifetime, and for your family’s.

Make Your Money Work For You – The Magic of Compound Interest

There is a huge difference between accumulating capital and paying down debt – but the concept of compound interest applies to both. The key is to ensure you are on the right side of the equation: earning interest versus paying it. But if you do have to pay it, such as through your mortgage, then there are some simple ways you can significantly reduce the amount of interest you pay.

Tips for Teaching Kids to Fill Their Piggy Banks

Raising children who are fiscally responsible can be a challenge. Here are a few tips for teaching the younger generation about banks and finances so that they will make smart choices as they enter adulthood.

Teaching Your Children About Money: From Piggy Banks To Big Budgets

It’s never too early to teach your children about money and banks. Learn about four important lessons your child needs to learn to become a financially successful adult.

Which Debts Should You Pay Back First?

Debt can be a scary dilemma, but how do you start the path back to good credit? The first thing you’ll need is a plan. Here, we’ll discuss which debts you should pay back first.

It’s the Economy Stupid

For just about seven years now, we’ve been waiting for the economy to improve. I have a question for the middle class; do you see an improvement? Is your pay keeping up with inflation? Are you paying more for borrowed money, and getting less for the money you save? I have been following economics in general for 30 years and in particular the period since the last crash. Now, it seems to me that not only is the economy not getting better, it’s at best flat, or getting worse. The middle class has been paying a heavy price since that time. For example, the interest rate that you on your savings is miniscule, while interest rates on your credit cards and auto loans are sky-high.

Should You Really Bundle Your Services?

You often read about how much savings you can get by bundling your services. Yet when taking a closer look at it, bundling may not always be the most cost-effective option, and if it does, it surely comes with some “cons”.

Want to Win? Don’t Play With Credit Cards

Just say no to credit cards; it’s a losing game. Yet, no sooner do these words leave my mouth, than I hear voices chiming in to tell me: “But I get “free” miles.” “I pay the balance off every month.” “I only use it when I travel.” “Credit cards are necessary for building credit.” Oh, how successful the marketing of credit cards has been.

Premium Finance – 5 Benefits for Business Owners

Life insurance today is more than just paying out a death benefit. These insurance policies offer a tremendous amount of living benefits while the policy holder is alive than ever before in history. For business owners and high net-worth individuals, the benefits of premium financing of life insurance can be amazing.

Top 7 Reasons to Use a Community Bank

Considering using a community bank? There are a number of advantages to using a smaller, local bank or credit union over a larger, nationwide entity.

Get Started on the Road to Financial Stability With a Monthly Budget

What is your family’s financial plan? If you’re staring at the screen blankly right now then it’s time to have a talk. Every family needs a financial plan. The first step in cementing that plan is to create a budget. If you have no idea where to start, use this printable budget planner. This article details how to use with the printable budget planner including tips for success.

Where Are The Day Trader’s Yachts?

According to Terrence Odean of UC Berkeley, “85.4% of day traders lose money unconditionally.” Day-traders who lose fall more than two years behind in saved income.

How Students Can Take Advantage of Online Money Transfer Services

More UK-based students are looking at the opportunity to study overseas, keen to experience new cultures and to travel the world. Of this requires good financial management but even the most financially savvy students may still require online money transfer services in order to cover bills and the cost of living.

I’ll Make You Frugal Without A Budget

Is budgeting really necessary? Many people don’t budget and still do just fine. Many people don’t believe in budgeting altogether, considering it a waste of time. This article will add credence to the fact that being frugal all month long after getting paid has nothing to do with a budget and in fact, there is a better way of keeping yourself accountable for expenses. This method will not only make you frugal by force, but also guarantee that some of your paycheck goes into savings or investing.

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