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Money – What Is It?

The number one topic on everybody’s mind today. You cannot turn on the television or open a paper or even turn on your computer without seeing or hearing something about money. Everyone in the street is thinking about it. Every coffee shop is filled with murmured conversations about it. It’s everywhere!

Spring Cleaning For Your Financial Documents

Spring clean your way out of paper clutter and into greater financial control. Reducing paper clutter can help you free up your physical space as well as save you time and potentially money too.

Top 10 Tips to Reach Financial Freedom Sooner

What will it take to get you closer to being financially free? This is where developing a personal plan made up of specific strategies and a simple automatic investment formula comes in. Check out 10 time-tested tips to create the lifestyle you’ve always desired.

Allowance for Kids: Building Blocks for Good Money Management Habits

Something as simple as a $5 allowance weekly has the power to transform your kid’s money management habits. It is true that good financial habits start from young but you must have wondered what is that first building block that will build your kid’s money blueprint for the rest of his/her life. Look no further.

Cost Free Media Affects Your Personal Finance So You Ultimately Pay the Price for Being Entertained

Whether we believe it or not, free media has a tremendous affect on our personal finances – we end up paying for what appears to be free. Whether it takes up our time that could otherwise be put to productive use, or whether its commercial messages convince us to spend money foolishly, we all need to be aware of how media influences how we spend our hard earned money.

Ideas For Saving Money On Gas

Regardless of when this article was written it is safe to say that gas prices are going through the roof. This impacts everyone’s finances but there are several ways you can save money on gas.

Your Money Guide to Save Money

Everybody needs money. It is a necessity. It is a need by everyone in order to function in the society. Some consider money as if it is not a problem but for some, money is a cause for stress.

Understanding the Difference Between Variable and Fixed Investments in Your Retirement Account

The thought of saving money for retirement is one that may strike fear in the hearts and minds of many individuals. After all, young savers only have about 40 years to accumulate enough money to last throughout their entire retirement, and they must do so without knowing exactly how long their retirement will last. If individuals are only saving about 15 percent of what they earn each year, then over the course of 40 years they will save only 6 years worth of salary.

Learn How Setting Long-Term Financial Goals Can Help Your Short-Term Family Budget

Learn how to set comprehensive and fun family financial goals, with every family member fully involved, as a key activity in helping your personal finances and the household and family budget. Long-term financial goals fit hand-in-glove with short-term budgets as a key element in sound financial strategies.

How To Make Money While Going To College!

Are you attending college and need to make some extra cash on the side? Learn how to proactively find a job that fits your schedule!

10 Frugal Living Tips That I’ll Bet You Didn’t Know

Clip coupons, buy sale items, pack your lunch… These are all common money saving tips, but here are 10 frugal living tips that I’ll bet you didn’t know! Just last week I was in the grocery, and the lady in front of me was buying 7 rotisserie chickens! Being nosy, I asked her what she was going to do with all that chicken!

Should You Take Early Retirement? How to Decide

So you’ve been offered early retirement from your company. Whether this is a rude awakening or an anticipated event, you’ve got some thinking to do before you make a final decision. Since it’s fairly certain your company isn’t making the offer solely for your benefit, it’s important to assess the reasoning and its severity.

Different Routes To Get Out Of Debt

There are a number of routes a person can take in order to receive the help needed to get out of debt. In this article we will discuss these different options. Debt problems exist across the UK with millions of people in debt and thousands struggling to survive, so what is the best way to help those in need of financial help?

Reverse Mortgages As a Planning Tool

Paying the taxes associated with IRA (or other qualified retirement plan) withdrawals is without question the downside of the whole arrangement. But for those who have small or no mortgages on their homes, a “less taxing” approach for generating retirement income has been gaining attention. The strategy, albeit with a cautionary note, involves reducing or delaying IRA withdrawals and replacing that income by tapping the home’s equity using a Reverse Mortgage.

How To Survive The Coming Economic Depression

If you have been watching the news lately you know that gas prices are going up again, food prices are skyrocketing and there are still millions of people still looking for employment. It seems like there is no light at the end of the tunnel. So what should you do?

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