Financial Freedom vs Being Debt Free – Which is better?!?

Making Money in This Depression

More people became Rich during the last depression than any other time in the history of the United States. And now the time has come again for you if you have any desire to create great wealth to do so. How did so many people in the first depression strike it rich?

Making Money Quick by Building Your Millionaire Mind

World-famous T. Harv Eker revealed his top wealth secrets in an interview and the key points of that interview are captured in this article. Learn the Secrets of the Millionaire Mind from T. Harv Eker.

3 Tips For Getting Your Free Government Grant Application Approved

Millions of people are receiving free government grant money, which means it is not as easy as it used to be to get your free grant application approved. These simple steps can increase your chances at claiming some of this money for your personal use. Find out how to get money that you never have to pay back.

3 Money-Savings Tips and Ideas to Boost Your Spending Power

Saving money in this economic downturn can be challenging but is necessary as many individuals are feeling the pressures of this current recession. However, at times like these, minor changes in how you spend your money can result in significant savings and some pleasant rewards as well. So here are 3 money-saving tips and ideas which you can almost effortlessly implement.

Increase Your Wealth With Limited Risk

Yes, finally there is a proven method to increase your wealth. Imagine what it would be like to improve and increase your wealth immediately. Now you can with this article!

What Everybody Should Understand About How to Get Rich

Do you sometimes consider how to become wealthy? Before you read any further, if you currently love your job and aren’t at all keen on learning how to get rich and build financial security, then please don’t read any further.

Life Settlements – No Stock Market Risk!

In 1911, Life Settlements were declared an asset that could be sold the same as real estate or any other tangible. Since that time, a life insurance settlement HAS NEVER failed to pay out, not even in the last Great Depression. Over the last 17 years, our company has an annualized 15.83% return.

Is Gold a Good Investment Right Now?

Is gold a good investment? Yes! For quite some time now, people have been placing all their wealth into non tangible investments. They have overlooked gold bullion for supposedly more profitable ventures like real estate, forex trading, and stock options. These people are currently loosing their shirts right now in this recession. If they could do it all over again, what do you think they would invest in? Gold!!

Investing in Gold Coins Guide

Investing in gold coins is a great way to put your assets in a secure, solid, and safe location. Gold bullion has been, and continues to be, a stable and smart investment commodity. When just starting out, it’s good to invest in gold bullion coins. They are small, easy to store, and have a low premium over the actual price of gold. Almost every major country has one or two different gold coins they mint and make available for purchase. These coins come in various sizes, from one troy ounce to a quarter of an ounce to even less. These coins also hold a collectible appeal to investors, so they often sell for slightly more than an equal weight bold bar.

What is Technical Analysis? And How Can I Use Technical Analysis in My Trading?

Technical Analysis is widely used amongst trader and financial professionals, and is often used by active day traders, market makers and pit traders. It is a highly effective method of trading and investing in the markets and takes the guess work out of trading. Traders and investors simply need to analysis the stock’s prevailing trends and trade with them.

Does the Local Press Always Tell Both Sides? – Do You Believe Everything You Are Told?

When you hear a news bulletin predicting an imminent economic crisis or read an article explaining the credit crunch, what is the first feeling that you have regarding money? For the ‘ordinary’ person it is likely to be to identify possible opportunities to cut their weekly outgoings. This would be logical, as fear is a powerful emotion for determining how and where we spend our money.

Are You Building Equity Or Income in Your Business?

When considering an exit from your business, you need to ask yourself whether you are focused on building an income stream within your business, or whether you are building equity in the business. The difference between these two opposing perspectives will reveal itself when your turn comes to exit your business.

5 Ways to Build a Better Business

If you would want more, you must do more. You can start by reading these powerful suggestions on how to improve your business.

Rule of 72 – Learning How it Really Works So You Can Be Making Money Quick

There is one simple rule, The Rule of 72, which is a mathematical law based on logarithms which specifies exactly how long it will take to double your income. This brief article will teach you that rule so that you know exactly what to do to double your income.

Build Wealth Like the Rich Do

Ever wondered how the rich became that way? I will tell you one thing a majority of them were not born that way. You might still think they’re just lucky. Learn the techniques the rich use to acquire assets and build wealth much faster than most people.

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