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A College Student’s Guide to Getting Free Food

Are you a struggling college student on a budget? Learn how to get good quality, free food with this article and ditch the Ramen for good!

7 Tips to Help You Get Your Pension Savings Working for You

By any measure, the current economic backdrop is hitting pensioners and those about to retire hard. If you have been busy saving, the returns you are currently getting are poor and then you have to contend with poor annuity rates when it’s time to secure your retirement income. Overall pensioners have been hit as hard as anyone, as their relative incomes decline whilst prices spiral for even the most basic of essentials.

Sudden Endings

Mariano Rivera’s great baseball career might have ended with a freakish tumble in Kansas City. Sudden endings can happen to anyone.

The Many Elements of Financial Planning

Financial planning can help you to grow your wealth, but you’ll need to decide if you’re a risk taker or if you would rather play safe. There are many ways you can invest and plan for your future, but if you go down a riskier route such as spread trading, make sure you know what you’re doing before you make your first move.

Millionaire Traits II – People Trying to Look Rich

The most recent book I have read regarding this topic is “The millionaire next door”. Although it’s an older book it is very interesting to follow the behaviours of the truly rich and the trying to look rich.

Drowning in Debt – Steps You Can Take

At some point in our lives we have all had to pay back loans or credit cards. As time goes on we think it’s OK I’ll just charge it, we do a quick sum in our heads and convince ourselves we can afford it.

The Effects Debt Has on Your Life

High interest debt to financial freedom is like kryptonite to Superman. Credit card, store accounts and personal loans don’t contribute towards financial independence. The reason for this is, with high installments and high interest charges it eats away at your disposable income each month.

A Trusted Company Is Vital For Claim Success

Utilising a regulated and trusted claims company for Payment Protection Insurance (PPI) compensation is paramount after banks highlighted that some companies continue to bully financial institutions out of money. In 2011, the Ministry of Justice cancelled its authorisation on 734 claim companies helping consumers gain missold PPI compensation because of bad practices.

Millionaire Traits

There are more millionaires around the world today than 10 years ago. People believe millionaires are born rich or just luckier than the rest. The fact of the matter is most millionaires came from humble backgrounds.

Slow-Going Retirement Trends

Last week, the trustees of the Social Security and Medicare trust funds released their annual review. They found that Medicare’s expenditures are highly uncertain going forward, and future cuts might be the only way to bring the cost structure in line. Social Security itself is also worse off than last year.

What Has Your Banker Done For You Lately?

Your bank has your money. Here is what your banker should be doing for you.

Which Type of Financial Advisor Should You Choose?

You may be confused about different types of financial advisors. There are two basic types and the difference is significant. The first type are brokers who earn commissions.

Bankruptcy – What You Can Do To Be Sure This Never Happens To You

Bankruptcy is something none of us wants to happen. No one plans to go bankrupt and we sure do not want to file bankruptcy. The question for us to ask is what can we do to make sure it does not happen to us?

3 Easy Ways to Control Your Expenses

We have all heard of the phrase “one day millionaire” right? Are you that type of person? I was. And I’m sure a lot of people out there are too. It’s just so easy, when money is right there, to spend it all. But what’s hard is to earn it back. So here are 3 easy to follow tips on how you can control your expenses.

How Credit Card Companies Feed on Our Financial Ignorance

Most of us never learn the basics of financial management. This ends up costing us lots of money and trouble. The first and worst culprit is usually a credit card. Understanding how credit cards are viewed by banks is the first step to financial freedom.

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