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Six Crucial Tips For Managing Financial Accounts In Your 20s

With student loans, the pressure to save, and increasingly expensive housing markets, managing your first paychecks and financial accounts can be difficult. Here are six crucial tips for stabilizing your personal finances in your 20s.

Do’s and Don’ts of College Planning

Graduation ceremonies abound this time of year. It is a reminder that college expenses are just around the corner. 18 years ago, parents might have begun saving for their child’s college costs with a Uniform Gift to Minors Act (UGMA) or a Uniform Transfer to Minors Act (UTMA). This is an account that is set up in the minor’s name. A parent may be the custodian on the account.

What Is a Self-Directed IRA?

With a self-directed IRA, you can invest your money as you deem necessary. It gives you complete control over your investment choices. This special IRA gives you more control over your financial future, offering you the freedom to invest in familiar assets you understand, and the possibilities become almost limitless. Your investments are not limited to just mutual funds or stocks and bonds.

What Is Sacrificial Christian Giving?

This article biblically explains two crucial forms of giving Christians need to follow. These are free will giving and sacrificial giving. If you’re like me, you’ve been over-whelmed by trying to figure out how you should handle your money according to the Bible’s teaching. Don’t be stressed; this article and other articles will ease your mind.

Patience Is A Financial Virtue

In this age of instant gratification, can it actually be helpful for you to wait? Can deferring some financial activities be more beneficial in the long run? Here’s how exercising a little patience can be instrumental to money success.

Uncomfortable, But Important Conversations

Prince’s untimely death and his apparent failure to leave a will underscore the importance of preparing for “just in case.” Acing “Financial Planning 101” will ensure that you are better prepared for the unexpected than Prince was, but taking preliminary steps is not enough. It is also essential to communicate your intentions and plans to your family during your lifetime.

Critical Life Lessons to Avoid Getting Conned

Life teaches critical lessons. Some you learn quickly, others, like dealing with banks, can be quite painful. Here are 7 tips to help you get started protecting your family and your wealth.

Brexit’s Impact on Your Financial Investments: Are You Ready?

Are you worried about how Brexit will impact your investments? Get to know all about Brexit and its impact.

6 Easy Steps To Organize And Pay Your Bills

Paying your bills every month is a necessary part of anyone’s life. However, if you do not have a handle on this aspect of your life, you may soon find yourself in financial trouble. Without a proper bill-paying system in place, you can amass debt, heighten stress, and put your finances and credit rating at risk.

Seven Reasons Why You Should Have a Financial Planner

Learning how to manage your income will help you achieve monetary stability. Consider seeking the services of a financial planner to manage your money wisely.

The Benefits of Belonging to a Credit Union

Join a credit union and you’ll enjoy a variety of benefits. Credit unions provide a place for members to save and get loans at reasonable rates, superior personal attention, better rates and lower fees, and ATM co-op networks. Credit unions are an excellent choice for people who want to cultivate their own financial health and get more access to convenience and financial services.

Money Market Accounts: A Smarter Way to Save

Here advantages and disadvantages of money market accounts. The balance between greater interest rates and higher risks are also addressed.

Are You Ready To Start a Small Business?

The hot new trend these days is to strike out on your own and start a small business. The world of work is becoming more depressing by the day, and the opportunities are diminishing as the supply of workers is flooding the market. Anyone who has taken economics can see the supply for workers is going higher and the demand for workers is getting lower. This is not great for wage growth, benefits or job security. In spite of the rhetoric, good jobs cannot be created if the economics is not there. The key is to shift the economics so that the demand occurs naturally rather than trying to legislate it. This is one of the key reasons why entrepreneurship is on the rise.

6 Reasons Why Financial Planning Is Important

A small introduction on importance of financial planning. Do read if your financial life isn’t going smooth.

What The Success Or Downfall Of Mobile Wallet Payments Depends On

Mobile Wallet Payments have come a long way. In the 90s wallets used to be the in thing. There would be long queues at the local bank. Bundles of cash would be stashed in wallets as people sped off to pay their bills. The rest was left in an ATM

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