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The Importance of Medical Insurance for Expats

Every country has a different method of organising healthcare for its citizens, but what happens if you’ve moved abroad to retire? This is where medical insurance for expats becomes a vital purchase. If you’ve never considered medical insurance before… perhaps it’s time to start.

Sports Checks to Boost Your Favourite Sports Team

Checks are a part and parcel of our everyday lives. Gone are the days where customers were content with plain and boring checks to deposit and withdraw money. These days many of the checks come with themed images, patterns and designs that customers can choose from. If you are a sports lover, then you can even purchase sports checks from online stores.

What Is a Debt Settlement Program?

More than likely, you’ve come across an advertisement for companies offering debt settlement programs. I’m sure you’ve heard the ads asking questions like “Do you have over $10,000 in debt?” or “Are you over your head in debt?

It’s All About Debt

Most of our problems arise from overuse or mismanagement of credit and debt. Whether it’s the national economy or your personal household budget sensible control and restraint is required.

Its Time to Change the Way You Think About Money

Stop and think about money. If you tend to overspend, you will find that a budget can help to control your spending. If you find it is stopping you from making forward progress, its time for you help yourself by sitting down and thinking about your attitude toward money.

Guide to Health Insurance, Income Protection and Critical Illness Cover

In the UK, there are three types of insurance that are commonly misunderstood by consumers: health insurance, income protection and critical illness cover. Here, we distinguish between them to help people choose a protection policy that is right for them.

Why You Should Not Trust Financial Advisors

A client recently requested my opinion of an annuity he was considering for purchase. I responded that I would happily review the product, and that I would simply need a copy of the annuity contract in order to complete a thorough analysis. Unfortunately, the client had an amazingly difficult time obtaining literature concerning the annuity he was essentially ready to purchase. Despite multiple requests, the financial advisor promoting the annuity failed to provide the client with written documentation covering the product he was so excited to talk about. The week-long exchange between myself, the annuity salesman, and the client turned out to be a startling illustration of what people should look for when evaluating the trustworthiness of a financial advisor.

Three Common Myths About Cash ISAs

In a financial climate where looking after every penny truly counts, ‘ISA’ has become more than just a buzzword. The Cash ISA (Individual Savings Account) effectively allows us to lock a sum of our money away from the taxman. Any funds secured in a Cash ISA are exempt from Capital Gains Tax and UK Income Tax. The maximum amount that can be deposited into these accounts for 2012/13 is £5640 which is why so many consumers find this a tax efficient means of saving. With the increasing prominence of ISAs on the market, it is no surprise that there is often confusion but as with all financial products, it is important to disregard the hype and invest in the facts. This article will help to disperse three of the most common misconceptions regarding the infamous ISA.

Planning For Your Retirement: How To Prepare For The Best Years Of Your Life

Planning for your retirement is something that should happen when you’re young. If you’re able to implement these planning for retirement tips when you’re still in your 20s, you’ll be able to retire more easily.

Are You Saving Enough to Live on When You Retire?

There is no doubt the closer we all get to retirement the more our minds focus on what income we will have and where it’s going to come from. And the strange thing is, just about everyone see retirement as something to look forward to. To have more holidays, spend more time with our families and just do stuff we never got round to when we were busy working.

7 Simple Steps to Help You Keep Your Nerve When the Markets Start to Give You the Jitters

The stock markets can be volatile from time to time. Here are 7 tips to help you keep your nerve.

Knowing Your Debt Relief Options

If you are drowning in debt you probably understand the headaches and stresses associated with weighing your options. There are many ways to resolve your debts, some of which may be more or less beneficial depending on your financial situation. Before you decide on which option is best for you, be sure you have reviewed all of the options available and their associated risks and benefits.

Never Worry About Money Again!

Do you ever worry about money? Do you worry about what could happen if you buy this or don’t pay that, worry about how much it’s going to cost, or maybe even where it’s going to come from? You’re not alone.

Getting Out of Personal Debt: Things You Should Know

It is not a crime to want the good things of life but most people would rather give away their freedom in order to enjoy these pleasures. We are becoming increasingly very comfortable with spending the money we don’t have.

Who Should You Go To For Advice On First Time Buyer Mortgages?

Buying your first home is a daunting prospect – but also an exciting one! It’s one of the biggest decisions you will ever make in your life so you’ve got to get it right. Apart from finding your perfect pad, arranging the financing is the hardest part. It’s quite technical and requires a lot of research and knowledge So who are the experts in first time buyer mortgages you should approach?

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