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How to Move From Failure to Success With Money

Are you afraid of pursuing your wildest dreams because you don’t want to fail? Learn how to embrace the possibility of failure and allow your mistakes to help you to achieve financial success.

Preparing for the Next Bear Market, Understanding Drawdown

What is the single most important question to ask yourself (and your financial advisor)? Understanding drawdown can help you survive the next down market, and save or lessen your financial and emotional stress also.

Home Storage Gold IRA Is Retirement Security

What is the Home Storage Gold IRA? Learn how you can keep the gold in your IRA at home, protect your investments and your retirement.

Money Resolution 4: Earn More

Making more money is a New Year’s resolution that most people would put at the top of their list! But what does it really take to increase your income? Here are some practical strategies that are guaranteed to help you earn more.

What Do You Fear More, Outliving Your Money or Dying?

Sometimes people lose track of their personal financial situation. The biggest killer of most financial plans is PROCRASTINATION. If you keep putting it off, tomorrow turns into days, weeks, months, years, and decades! If you’re too busy to take care of your family and future, you’re not living with purpose.

How to Make the Most of Your Charitable Giving

One of the biggest mistakes that people make when it comes to giving back is not having a strategy for their charitable contributions. By default, many people put off charitable giving to the end of the year to beat the Dec. 31 deadline for donating to qualified charities.To make the most of your giving, start to plan your charitable gifting strategy for the entire year now.

Financial Checklist for Your Thirties and Forties

Your 30s and 40s can usher in a period in which your financial situation becomes increasing complex due to varied and sometimes conflicting priorities and expenses. You may find yourself contributing financially to support aging relatives at the same time you’re providing for your children – and trying to save for long-term financial goals of your own. An unexpected event – whether good or bad – may throw your plans and priorities into a tailspin.

The Necessity Of Lease Services

People who have spent a significant time in the corporate world must be aware of the fact that it requires lots of efforts and regular flow of money to reach the new horizons. But, the most important step is to find the right office space.

Medical Costs: One of the Biggest Threats to Your Financial Health

Whether you are insured or not, an unexpected medical emergency could wipe you out financially. An inside look at how spiraling medical costs are causing many Americans to experience a financial meltdown.

How Is Your Fund Money Managed?

There are many options for buying a group of securities as a product. The most popular ones are mutual funds, segregated funds and exchange traded funds. What they have in common is that these products are an easy way to buy a group of securities at once instead of buying each one individually.

Money Resolution 2: Save Regularly

Make a prosperous start to 2015 with a savvy saving strategy. Learn how you can develop the discipline of saving even if you’re broke.

Learn More About Money Saving and Management Tips

This article talks about the ways in which the individuals belonging to any walk of life can become efficient at managing the financial funds they have and be prepared for the future unexpected expenditures. The amount of money or wealth one has does not matter as it would end eventually if not managed efficiently. Some of the tips for effective management of money include but are not limited to:

7 Common Mistakes to Avoid While Applying for an Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (ITIN)

ITIN applications needs to be filled on Form W-7 and one must be careful about:- Below are the 7 common mistakes to avoid while applying for your individual taxpayer identification number (ITIN). Not just the resident alien earning income in US, even those who will appear on a tax return as a spouse or dependent should apply for ITIN in order to claim exemption. There should be a separate application for each taxpayer, spouse, and dependent children.

Winning the Lottery

So, you’ve won the lottery. What do you do now? Many people have lost the money they have won because they either lose the ticket or suddenly someone else has it in their possession.

You Can Ignore Most Financial Planning Rules – Here Is Why

General rules of thumb for financial planning rarely work. As with any set of rules, adjustments need to be made for specific situations, in this case, your own finances. This article reviews and critiques some typical rules.

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