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Monthly Budget Spreadsheet – The Key to Keeping Your Money

Starting out on your own these days can be both scary and rewarding. Even the most responsible person will encounter challenges, but the best way to succeed is to plan, plan, and plan some more.

IRS Debt Settlement: There Is Hope After All

The IRS is the agency mandated by the law to collect taxes from its citizens and all goods and services under its jurisdiction. However, it is also not surprising to know that there will be instances where taxes remain unpaid for a period of time.

The Golden Parachute

Imagine how nice it would feel to have a golden parachute. It’s a great name for an agreement between a company and a top executive that provides for significant benefits if and when employment is terminated. The problem is that few of us are lucky enough to have these fabled golden parachutes bequeathed on us.

Are You Addicted To Poverty?

There are many addictions in the world such as alcohol, drug, and even sex addiction. But, addiction to poverty, come on?

Five Tips for Saving on Your Next Cable Bill

In these challenging economic times, many people are finding ways to reduce their cable bill. Many monthly cable bills are $170 or more.

Have a Look in Your Drawers

As we are all faced this winter with accepting the uncertain realities of the grim abyss of the global economic doldrums; now is the time, more than ever, to spring clean and, find ways to generate newfound cash in our pockets. Most men, myself included, have at least one ‘Man Drawer’ as their traditional treasure trove, usually situated near to the front door, in a bedside cabinet or, in the safe haven that is ‘The Shed’. The items in these drawers have formed the content for many stand-up comedians’ material over the years, so…

Online Banking – Easier Form of Personal Banking

With the advent of technology, internet has given us the easiest option of paying our bills right from the comfort of our phones. Now you no longer have to write checks, visit post offices, etc, as the online banking system takes care of your needs.

Ten Be-Attitudes For Spending Control

My money mantra is simple: money management is lifestyle management. Money is inanimate; nobody can manage it. Think about it. Here are ten attitudes that will help you develop the right approach to spending, and guide you out of debt, especially, consumer debt, and enable you to remain debt free.

Strategies To Help Boost Your Savings

Many people wish to have some savings but not all are able to enjoy this. While it’s easy to say to save money for the rainy days, some people just find it difficult to keep a portion of their extra income on a regular basis.

Get a Grip on Your Finances

Do you have little insight into your finances? Do you know where your money goes? Get a grip on your finances through proper financial records.

Self Invested Personal Pensions

It is now the case that many people are choosing to go down the route of a SIPP for their pension requirements. Self invested personal pensions are becoming increasingly popular due to the fact that investors believe that they are able to make better decisions about where their pension savings are invested compared to the money managers that are employed by the organisations that control the more familiar type of pension plans.

Honey, The Kids Are Moving Back Home!

When parents raise their kids and get them up to that all-important age of 18 years old, they are prepared to say goodbye. This is because the teenager is usually moving on to their own, independent life either by going to college or getting out into the working world.

Tips for Making Suitable Financial Plans for Single Mothers

It is a complicated and controversial subject, which is loaded with emotional baggage, stress and over-working environment. US 2009 census report states that from 14 million single parents, 84% are single mothers.

Hey, Baby Boomers! Stupid Is As Stupid Does!

Pretty much across the board right now, our finances are a mess. The federal government came within a hair’s breadth of defaulting on its credit obligations. Our collective financial illiteracy has brought us to this the precipice of financial disaster. We, society, collectively, don’t know what the hell we are doing with our money. So is it any wonder that the federal government doesn’t know what to do either?

Becoming (Really) Debt-Free

Personal debt continues to be a major problem that plagues the people of many of the world’s developed countries as people find it harder and harder to make repayments plus interest on money they borrowed. Conventional wisdom, traditional financial planners, the media and often our families, tell us that it will take determination, good record-keeping and self-discipline to become debt-free. Certainly, to become debt-free initially, maybe these qualities, alone, can go the distance. But they actually fall short for those wanting to remain debt-free over the long-term. That’s another story altogether.

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