December 2020 Net Worth Update | The Path to Building Wealth

Creating Wealth – A Simple Way For Mr Average To Get Rich

Creating wealth is not as difficult as many people think. Many people think that creating wealth involves coming up with something different and being innovative. The route to creating wealth is much simpler and we are going to discuss how to do it in this article.

Tax Lien Investing: Are You Ready to Get Started?

I noticed that many people that come to me to learn about tax lien investing donโ€™t really have an understanding of what is involved. They under estimate two things โ€“ the amount of money needed to invest in tax lien certificates and the amount of time that is involved in finding profitable tax liensโ€ฆ

Tax Lien Investing: Investing Online and by Mail

One of the questions that I frequently get from visitors to my web site is “Can I invest in tax lien certificates online or through the mail?” Many people want to invest in tax certificates but don’t have the time freedom to physically attend the tax sales, so they want to do it online or by mail. A couple of tax lien states do hold online tax sales, and a few will allow you to mail in your bid. I don’t, however, recommend investing in tax certificates by mail or online unless you can look at the properties or have someone else look at them for you.

Making Extra Money Made Easy

If you are working from home looking towards making extra money, it is vitally important to know that what you get involved with isn’t a rip off. Many times, people simply do not know how to find the work they are in search of, and actually get paid for it. You need to be able to distinguish what viable opportunities look like and be on the lookout for what to avoid.

Building Wealth Over Time

Learn how with a small investment you can start making millions of dollars in years to come. See exactly how you can invest your money the correct way.

Make Money Fast – A Low Risk Way To Build Long Term Wealth

If you want to make money fast you need to do it yourself and its easier than many people think. You need a way that’s easy to understand and gives you high growth potential with low risk. The way to do it below is used by most of the worlds wealthiest investors and is easy to understand, even if you have had no previous experience.

The 8 Biggest Money Mistakes. Mistake No. 2

Why most people will never reach their dreams of building wealth, being financially free and secure and being able to retire in comfort, and how to change things NOW!

Creating an Emergency Fund

Even though we try to prepare ourselves for all eventualities, sometimes things happen that we just couldn’t foresee. This article will teach you how to avert financial emergencies.

Are You Looking For a Million Dollars?

It seems as if a million dollars is the magic number. What would you do with a million dollars? It might seem like the answer to all of life’s problems. But the fact is, you don’t have to look far for a million dollars.

An ETF Portfolio Shock Absorber

The escalation of tensions in the Middle East, fireworks courtesy of North Korea, 50% of the worldโ€™s natural gas reserves in the hands of Russia and Iran, pressure on the U.S. dollar and the random exogenous events that impact markets can keep the most optimistic global investor like me awake at night. How can an investor mitigate the risk that such events will derail their well thought out portfolio?

So – You Want to be Rich? 7 Wealth Attraction Tips for Entrepreneurs

So – you want to be rich? We all hear it. We all say it. Everyone wants to be rich but, short of picking the lucky numbers or winning the Publisher’s Clearinghouse Sweepstakes, most people go don’t know how to amass the wealth they dream about. Read on for seven tips used by successful (wealthy) entrepreneurs.

Building Wealth – The Steady & Low Risk Way to Do It

The problem with many investors when they want to build wealth is they have unrealistic expectations and lose. To build wealth you need to balance the risk reward and aim for the highest reward, with low downside risk. Let’s look at this concept and how you can us put it into practice to build wealth for you quickly and with low downside risk.

Home Equity Management Plan

Depending on your individual financial circumstances, there are attractive and appealing reasons for releasing your home equity for investment purposes. In fact, when left sitting there, you are incurring opportunity costs because your equity is not working for you as its monetary equivalent can, and neither is it invested in a vehicle that will generate you decent investment returns. For your home equity to work for you…

Home Equity Myth

If you are like most people your home will be the single biggest investment you make in your lifetime. Many people have been led to believe that their home equity is their largest asset, which may or may not be true, depending on a number of circumstances. Bearing in mind how significant your home equity is, what then is the most advantageous way to wisely manage this equity during your entire ownership?

Money Management – 5 Steps to Start Saving Money Today

There are many ways to save money on a day to day basis, but to consistently save money over time there are some steps that you can take. At the end of the year, these steps can save you hundreds if not thousands of dollars depending on your spending habits and your current debt situation.

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