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Electricity and Natural Gas, Would You Like to Have More Than Just 1 Choice for Your Home? We Do Now

Its amazing we can now choose who are home energy provider is! Deregulation of electricity and natural gas is here. The biggest monopolies are no longer and now have to compete to keep there customers.

Bad Credit Home Loans In This Economy

The lack of improvement in the economy has kept the lenders on the sidelines. They have simply refused to lend and participate in the community. The once revolving doors have shut and closed to the point of exasperation.

Could QROPS Be Tops for You?

Most of us wouldn’t have a clue what QROPS means, but if you’re moving abroad it could be really important for you, and could save you a substantial amount when you retire. Equally, if you’re looking to minimise taxes on your estate, top inheritance tax advice is a must. This applies even more so if you’re an expat.

What Is a Financial Advisor and How Do You Hire One?

Read this article to learn the definition of a financial advisor. You will also learn how to hire a financial professional and where to find one.

The Mortgage Debt Fallout

It isn’t just the homeowners that suffer when mortgage debts become unbearable. Families are forced to move out, relocate and try to find their way back to a sense of normalcy. But the trouble doesn’t stop there. Mortgage debt problems cause a ripple effect that can negatively neighbors, communities and entire housing markets.

How Is Free Cash Flow or Operating Cash Flow Different From Net Income and Profit?

A Net Income Statement shows net income, based on cash income and accrued income as well as both cash expenses and accrued expenses. A Free Cash Flow Statement shows free cash flow based on all the actual cash which the company earns, minus all the cash payments the company actually makes.

What Is Net Present Value or NPV?

After you’ve learned Present Value, Net Present Value is actually a very simple concept. It’s nothing more than many “present values put together”.

How to Calculate PPI Refunds for Your Claim

If you have been mis-sold a PPI policy and want to know how much you are likely to receive back, it isn’t the easiest task to work out how your lender goes about calculating PPI refunds. In fact, sometimes lenders make it downright impossible to follow how they go about calculating PPI refunds. With that in mind, what follows is a brief guide to how lenders should be doing their sums according to the Financial Ombudsman so you can get a better idea of what you are due back.

Tips For Avoiding Financial Fears In 2012

It’s natural for people to develop fears during uncertain times particularly when it’s an economic crisis that we’re talking about. With all the not-so-good news that get reported every now and then in the financial industry, people tend to become uneasy and anxious about their future. This often results in mental and emotional stress that could worsen into depression if it continues for a long time.

Financial Planning for Economic Success in 2012

Another interesting year in the stock market draws to a close. It’s been a tough year for most investors. The Dow started the year at roughly 11,700, rose through January and February, then gave up most of its gains by mid-March, only to bounce right back in the second half of March.

Prevail During The Recession and Make 6-Figures In The Process

Here’s how to make sure that your life isn’t affected by a recession… now or ever. And you’ll find that as you work on making your life “recession proof”, you will increase your chances of making a 6-Figure income from your very own “small” business.

Making a Timely Will With Clarity and Purpose

A will can be defined as “a legal statement written by an individual stating the manner in which his or her wealth is distributed after his or her demise”. A person making a will is known as a “testator.” It is preferable to consult an advocate before preparing a will and one whom you trust and have confidence in.

Home Mortgage Myth Revisited

When I worked as a financial advisor one common question always came up, what I call the “Home Mortgage Myth.” Should I pay off my home mortgage? The main reason they would ask was due to fact their accountant told them not to pay off their home mortgage.

Overcoming Over-Indebtedness

For those who find themselves burdened with over-indebtedness, there are solutions. Using counselling debtcan be consolidated quickly. Credit cards were established as a means of helping people gain credit. Meaning you’re given a sum of money that you should spend, beneath the auspices that you would pay back it within the finish in the month, or otherwise constantly work to pay back it within the finish of each and every month until it absolutely was completely compensated back. This might show credit loan providers that you are accountable for the money which you’ll want to have the ability to make monthly bills. This really is employed by credit loan providers who’ve been considering you for any mortgage or possibly an automobile loan.

Are You Disappointed With the Financial Advice That You Have Received to Date?

Many conventional financial advisers have a reasonable level of knowledge but often the advice that they provide is related to financial products as this type of transactional advice generates commission. But what difference does this type of advice bring to your life or your future? Why would you need to make a difference?

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