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How to Find the Best CD Rates

Certificates of Deposit (CDs) are a safe, secure and straightforward way to invest for both short term and long term goals. A CD works in much the same way as a traditional savings account: you invest a certain amount of money and earn interest on it for a set time period. The difference is, you make more money depending on how much you invest into the CD and how long you keep your funds there.

What Everyone Should Know About CD Bank Rates

When customers ask for the best CD bank rates – the answer can change depending on any number of factors. There is no one single bank that always offers the highest CD bank rates – but there are a number of things you can look for to help you find the safest place for your investment.

7 Effective Money Saving Ideas

Dividends, bonuses, and paychecks don’t last long. Hence, saving money regularly is a difficult challenge for most of the people. However, it isn’t much difficult if you have the right approach. Here are 10 most effective money saving ideas that can help you to accumulate a huge amount over a period of few months.

Better Than Gold – A Currency for the Rest of Us

Most of us have heard the old saying that money doesn’t buy happiness. But what if money didn’t buy anything at all? What would your personal world look like if our currency really did collapse? Do you live day to day, paycheck to paycheck? Do you have faith that somehow, things will always be okay, or are you the type of person who believes in being prepared for emergencies? More importantly, even if you believe in it, what exactly have you actually done to ensure that your family could survive if the dollar crashes?

Choosing the Best CD Bank for Your Money

When it comes to finding the highest CD rates, there’s no shortage of banking competition and comparison sites. But how do you know if you’re getting the best deal?

Finding High Interest CD Rates: Where to Look

You can look at CDs like a federally-backed “customer loyalty program” from your bank. You’re essentially making a loan to the bank, and getting compounded interest paid back to you each month.

Why Are Swiss Bank Accounts So Popular?

Money is a complicated thing. The more you have, the more complicated managing it gets. For those who moves large sums through investments, real estate, or maintain a personal fortune, Swiss private banking has been a financial stronghold for the last century. Why, exactly, are Swiss banks so popular?

A Primer on Financial Planning

Financial planning is a task that should be familiar to everybody yet few are familiar with it. If you hope to have better use of the money you earn and have something left for future expenses, you should give some time on planning your financial resources. Here are some information on the subject.

The Truth About the Economy Will Set You Free!

There’s not much time so I’ll get right to the point; there is an economic firestorm brewing and if you are not ready there is a good chance you will be consumed in the turmoil. This firestorm will take no prisoners and is not a respecter of persons. Many economic experts believe that a major change in world banking policy will cause serious damage to the U.S. economy within the next three to five years. Do not get caught by not knowing the truth about what is going on in now that will change our economy in the near future.

Better Money Management in 5 Steps

How well do you manage your money? Ultimately, your financial success depends on your ability to take better control of your financial affairs. Here are 5 positive habits to help you become more effective in managing your money, no matter how much you start with.

Saving Money Through Using Grocery Lists

Grocery shopping can be difficult when trying to save money, especially today. Using lists can increase your savings dramatically and at the same time decrease your stress level.

Couples and Money: Transforming Money Relationship Struggles Through Conscious Awareness

We can learn a lot about ourselves and begin to transform our interactions and relationships when we set the intention to become aware of the internal conversations that we have about other people in our lives; especially couples and money. It often seems like we don’t have any power to transform our interactions with others – especially if we indulge in judgment and critical thinking about someone or frequently find ourselves disagreeing or getting upset with others. In the heat of the moment it often seems like the other person is at fault.

Single Parent Grants: Your Way to Independence!

As a single parent, is it alright to receive help from friends and family, specifically from your own parents? Do they keep on offering, and though the necessity to accept is there, do you still feel the need to keep things rolling on your own?

Simple Ways to Make Money for Kids

Kids need money. Let’s face it, these days there are more gadgets, gizmos, games, data plans, social sites, downloaded media, and uploaded content at our children’s fingertips than most of us “older” generation can imagine, or afford to keep up with for that matter. Almost every child I see out and about these days has either an iPod on or a smartphone in hand, and yes, sadly, sometimes both. My point here isn’t to spotlight the technological wave we are currently riding but to illustrate one often over-looked fact. You guessed it, all that gear costs money.

For The Best Results, Depend On A Financial Planner

The main reason to use a financial planner is utilize their experience and skills in order to make the best decisions. Your goal should be financial independence. This means you have enough assets invested to live off the income the investments produce. Essentially, it means you no longer have to work if you do not want to.

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