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Earn Money Doing What You Actually Like Doing

Usually at the end of the month, you are have several bills staring you in the face and waiting for you to sort them out. Unfortunately, there is usually not enough money to sort all of them out. For this reason, you need to find a source of income to settle these bills.

The Best Programs For Teaching Kids About Money

When your son or daughter starts receiving an allowance, it’s time to start educating about the value of saving. One of the best ways for teaching kids about money is through a program dedicated to that goal. Here are some key elements that you should look for in a program that teaches your kids about money.

Why Some Programs on Teaching Kids About Money Don’t Work

Do you want to teach your child the value of saving money? Make sure you look for a program that is not time-consuming, boring, unprofessional, ineffective or to pricey. This article will help you find the right program for your kids to learn about saving money.

How to Save Money the Easy Way

For many people, it’s a little bit hard to save money especially when what you are earning is just about enough to sustain your needs. For others, the challenge lies on how to spend less than their income; for the rest, saving money comes last in their priorities and options. But you can always make the best use of your money and save some for.

Financial Planning – Pension Drawdown Changes From April 2011

There will be a number of changes to pensions legislation, which will take place from April 2011. This is as the result of a recent government consultation into the issue.

Understanding Cash Flow

Understanding how cash comes in and goes out is a key to becoming wealthy. Cash flow is the most important lesson to learn about becoming rich.

What Is a Certified Financial Planner (CFP)?

A Certified Financial Planner is a professional financial planner who has attained one of the highest levels of qualification in the financial services industry.Β  This is a technical qualification which focuses on the skills needed to prepare a comprehensive financial plan, and assesses these skills against a case study.

Why Is Saving Money So Hard? And How Can I Do It Better?

But how many of us now have a decent savings record? Back then we had (in most cases) nothing to pay for but lollies and toys. Saving everything we ever got was easy. But now, it seems so much harder. You’ve got rent or mortgage payments, car payments, fuel, public transport, your mobile, landline, internet, electricity, gas, food, and we haven’t even counted spending money or taxes yet.

How Can You Trade Successfully?

Before you start doing any investment, you are reminded to learn fast. For new comers in the market, you can’t simply get involved in trading without proper knowledge. You should not expect to gain a large sum of money through buying and selling stocks if you are not really “educated” on how to trade.

Financial Independence – The Four Essential Pillars (Pt. 1)

The good news is that achieving financial independence is relatively easy. In fact, almost everyone who really puts their mind to it, can. In this article – part one of a series – you will discover all that is needed to create a life-long income and guaranteed financial independence.

Missing Money and Unclaimed Funds in Florida

Between record unemployment, the increasing use of food stamps, emergency cash assistance and government subsidies, Floridians are turning to the Internet in search of missing or unclaimed property. With over $33 billion in unclaimed funds nationwide, the most popular search terms on Google, Yahoo, Bing and AOL are “missing money” and “unclaimed funds.” Even social networking sites like Facebook and MySpace have pages on how to find missing money.

Wealth-Building Attitude – Psychological Tips to Improve Your Financial Health

In this economy it is more important than ever to have a good relationship with Money. Your financial health is very much linked with your physical and psychological health and so you want to be healthy and well rounded in all of these main areas of your life. In this article I want to share some psychological tips with you on how to improve your relationship with money and it starts with improving the ultimate relationship-the one you have with yourself.

Financial Planning and Inflation

Inflation is a big part of financial planning, since it is one of the biggest reasons why people do not achieve their long-term goals.Β  Inflation is the general increase in costs to buy goods over time.

What Kind of Retirement Income Is Right For You?

The vast majority of people who have planned for retirement use a combination of their options to live on once they retire. But how do you figure out which are right for you? That depends on several things. Following is a list of considerations to keep in mind when trying to determine what kind of income you want coming to you during your retirement years.

Wealth Management With Independent Financial Advisers

The current economy has dumb founded the most intelligent of us. What are we meant to do with our money to keep it safe and to allow that money to benefit us. The way pensions, mortgages and investments now work have changed dramatically and we need to adapt quickly and efficiently.

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