CHINA Inc. VS AMERICA Inc. – Who Will Run The World?

5 Easy Ways to Start Asset Protection Planning

This past few years, we have watched a lot of financially distressing scenes. It might be one of your close friends who had housing loans but couldn’t pay because they got laid off from work and now the bank has seized not only their house but the car and the cash in the bank. We also witnessed that financial woes do not only hit the small time businesses with bad credit history but even top conglomerations and companies caved in and made a run for their money during the worst of the recession. That to most of us, was truly unexpected. Banks closed and insurance companies declared bankruptcy. You might even be a victim. Asset protection, though not an easy process, is very possible and is gaining top attention in the financial realm.

Cancelling A Joint Credit Account

Canceling a joint credit card account can be tougher than getting a new account. Find out more.

Tips On How To Manage Your Credit Card And Debt

Credit card payments and other forms of debt can go out of hand. Learn how to manage them.

Good And Bad Ways To Repay Credit Card Debt

When it comes to the paying credit card debt, there is the right way and then there is the wrong way. Find out more.

The Road to Financial Freedom – 6 Key Steps

The Road to Financial Freedom can sometimes seem difficult to find. This road is not a myth but a concrete reality and can be achieved through careful planning and execution. Difficult times create opportunities for fortunes to be made. Many of you may see our current times as being difficult. In today’s environment, the internet and internet marketing opportunities have opened the door to creating wealth like no other time in history.

10 Money Tips For Young Adults

Financial independence and stability are two very important things that every young adult needs to have. In this article, 10 money tips for young adults will be presented that will make the road to financial independence and stability a little bit easier.

How To Budget for 2011 and 12 Tips To Build Your Wealth

SUCCESS FOR 2011 – One of the first things in controlling your money and your accumulation of wealth is to have a budget. However, many of us do not have a budget, do not treat our money as if it was a business and wonder why we are not able to save satisfactorily. Budgeting is a way or empowering yourself, to enable you to have control over your money.

Get Out of Contraction and Into Expansion With Your Feelings About Money

The first of a two-part article series. When you’re having feelings about money, you’re either in expansion or contraction-never both at the same time. Your goal should be to feel more expansion. When issues regarding money aren’t dealt with promptly and/or efficiently, they pile up. Money clutter is basically avoidance.

How Much Rent Can I Afford?

You don’t want to put yourself into a financial bind, so it’s very important to ask yourself the question how much rent can I afford? If you want rent to be easier on your pay check and less stressful you can follow a simple rule.

Reassessment of the AFCS

The Armed Forces Compensation Scheme (AFCS) was last month reassessed initially by the former Chief of the Defence Staff, Admiral the Lord Boyce. One of the main areas of improvement has been to stretch the time allowed for a surviving spouse, civil partner or surviving adult to make a bereavement claim from one to three years. Claims in respect of bereavements which occurred more than three years ago will now also be considered for a period of one year.

No Good Deed Goes Unpunished: Homeowners With Good Employment and Great Credit Have Few Options

There are few options for homeowners with negative equity who are fiscally responsible, make their payments on time, budget accordingly, and work hard at their job. As the vast majority of private and government initiatives are geared towards those in financial distress the rest up us are left to “twist in the wind.” However dire the situation, there may be options out there.

Mortgages For Contractors – For A Freelancer And Looking To Buy A Home

With the high prices of the homes today, many people who have been renting up until now are looking to take advantage of the low prices and great availability. The wonderful array of choices offered on the market today offers you a great opportunity to get the home of your dreams at a considerably low price. The next step is to get a mortgage for your home and ensure yours and your family’s future.

Saving and Earning in Tough Times From the Donate Car Tax Write Off to Earnings Potentials Online

In the wake of the recent troubling economic times, many enterprising individuals and companies alike have had to come up with new ways to cut costs and make the most of what they have by liquidating old and unused items, taking advantage of government incentives, and even pursuing earning prospects in the online marketplace. Alternatives like the donate car tax write off option have helped to increase charitable donations and give consumers ways to help others while still improving their own situation.

Payroll Services – Top 3 Tips for Payroll Tax Services

Many small and medium size companies are opting to use the payroll services from experts and specialized firms working online to save time and money. The two folded benefits of this process can free your workforce to do better in competing and producing better products and increase the profit ultimately. The payroll tax is a specialized area even if your finance and HR department.

The Importance of Starting a Pension Early

When you’re young and starting out in your first job, either straight from school or after college or university, the last thing on your mind would be a pension for when you’re old, grey and retired. In fact, pensions at that age must seem like the most unimportant and least relevant expense imaginable. But this is a mistake.

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