Charlie Munger Just Went ALL-IN On One Stock

Steps to Gain Financial Freedom

Many people want to achieve financial freedom to be able to live a happy and self-fulfilled life. But most people aiming to achieve it may have deeply struggled and are left far behind in the rat race. Attaining financial freedom may seem impossible but there are several steps that you can follow to achieve that life you’ve always wanted.

Most Common Reasons For an Asset Search Investigation

An Asset search investigation and reveal an incredible amount of information about a person. There are many reasons why a person may hire a private investigator to conduct an asset search investigation. But some reasons are more common than others. This is a brief description of the most common reasons for an asset search.

After July 4th, Consider Steps to Your Personal Financial Independence

On July 4th, millions of Americans shared memorable moments at cookouts, festivals, parades, baseball games, and firework displays. People celebrated the declaration of independence that the newly founded country of the United States of American (13 colonies at the time) gained from Great Britain. Americans showed and expressed their overwhelming pride to be citizens of a country which was founded on the principal that “all men are created equal” and are endowed with the unalienable rights of “Life, Liberty, and the Pursuit of Happiness”.

Debit Cards: A Good Option for a Bad Credit Score

Do you have few credit options? A prepaid debit card may just be the right card for you.

Coping With Tough Economic Times

The current economic downturn has undoubtedly created hardships for retirees, as the recent meltdown in the financial markets has essentially erased nearly a trillion dollars in value from investments held by shareholders. Those at the younger end of the spectrum, say people in their early 60s will have an opportunity to regain some of that lost wealth, as the economy cycles through its correction and returns to a sounder footing in the near future.

Never Invest Money In Anything Which Eats or Needs Repairing

If you take the advice of the Billy Rose quote in the title, you will never bet on a horse, buy a house or a car, or even a motor cycle. He certainly restricts the things we should invest our money in. But perhaps it is not such a bad piece of advice, if you do not take it to extremes and simply be a little bit more thoughtful and careful how you spend and invest your money.

How to Find a Legitimate and Reliable Online Check Printing Store?

These days, the trend of performing transactions and ordering commodities on the internet is getting very popular, as undoubtedly internet has made everything fast and convenient. For example, when you get short of personal checks then you can easily order checks online and the check printing company will deliver them at your doorstep.

Is Saving Money Possible In A Debt Settlement Program?

People often have a question in mind “Is saving money possible in a debt settlement program?” The answer is yes. If you are little patient and proactive it is certainly possible to meet the challenge of saving money in a debt settlement program.

Investing for Beginners: 5 Best Tips

Investing can be tricky and intimidating, especially if you are just starting out. Learn more about investing for beginners.

Have a Millionaire Attitude – It Is Key!

The thought that “I can become a millionaire” is an impossible concept to many of us. I am a millionaire and I want to help you become one too. I would love to mentor you so you can achieve your dreams.

Time Management Tips To Get More Done AND Have a Life

I was talking to a highly motivated client the other day who was proudly sharing her new insights about writing out her “To Do” lists. She said that for quite a while she had the habit of making her lists too long. As a result she would get to the end of the day feeling like she hadn’t accomplished enough and found herself feeling frustrated and angry.

The Money Quiz: What Are Your Money Beliefs?

Because of America’s dwindling dollar, job lay offs, lower salaries, as well as the reality of continuing foreclosures, Americans, especially and the middle class, the working poor and elderly, the disabled and those whose lives are steeped in poverty, are suffering badly. Each of us has our own history about, and relationship with, money. Our personal financial condition affords each of us the opportunity to examine our attitudes about money and how we use it. The following questions will help you explore your relationship with money. Work with this assessment and make the time to write your answers. It will help you get a more complete picture of your relationship with and beliefs about money.

Asset Manager – Related Tip For Leading Asset Management Companies

It’s hard to provide correct asset manager information, but we have gone through the demand of putting together as much asset manager related information as practicable. Even If you’re attempting to find other info somehow related to reo asset manager,help desk management software, real estate asset management training or performance based road asset management and maintenance contract this document should help a fair deal.

Five Reasons To Keep Your Finances Electronically

Most of us were raised in a world where we had to touch and feel our bills and statements. We received our monthly bills in the mail, opened the envelope, reviewed the information and set it aside to pay at a later time. When it was time to pay our monthly bills, we would review the bill, write a check and then enclose it in an envelope and mail the payment. Until very recently, that is all we knew – that is how we lived our lives.

What Are Offshore Banking Accounts?

Offshore banking institutions are usually located in a low tax jurisdiction that offer legal financial advantages over onshore (domestic) banks. Opening an offshore bank account is truly the first and most important step you can make offshore. What is an offshore bank account?

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