Cathie Wood Is Buying These Stocks In 2021 Because Of Their HUGE Potential

Bad Hair Days for Gold and Silver OR Is the Most Powerful Man in the World Going to Plan B?

In September of this year 2011, Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, proved that he is the single most powerful man in the world. In the periodic meeting of the Federal Reserve’s Federal Open Market Committee on September 21-22, in which the country’s all important monetary policy is set, Ben moved his mouth, words came out, and the financial markets of the world blew…

How to Create a Personal Budget and Stick to It Painlessly

Creating a personal budget which you are able to stick to can make an impressive difference to your spending ability and reducing money-related stress. However, developing a personal budget and making it work for you requires no less discipline than sticking to a diet.

How to Eliminate Your Debt Fast

Being in debt can cause a lot of stress for you. Nowadays an increasing number of people are getting themselves deeper and deeper into debt without any idea of how to get out of it. If you are one of those people, you need a solid debt repayment plan.

How Young Adults Should Manage Their Personal Finance

When you are young, managing your personal finance is probably not on the top of your to-do list – but it really should be. Read this article to see why you should be building an emergency fund, saving for retirement, and thinking about your house down payment already.

Finding the Ideal Financial Advisor

Finding a financial advisor is an important step to insuring that your investments and your future are safe and secure. Different people have different goals and expectations when it comes to investments and retirement plans, so it is important to find someone who has your goals in mind and will do whatever it takes to achieve them.

Ways To Prioritise Protection Needs

There is no doubt that the idea of protecting oneself against financial hardship in the event of death, critical illness, accident, sickness or unemployment is a good idea in principle – especially when there are children involved or a dependent spouse. For whatever reason however, many of us still do not see fit to arrange protection policies in relation to both protecting their income, their mortgage repayments or even the outstanding balance of their mortgage of loan. Whether this is because it is felt that such policies are unaffordable or that they are a waste of money,…

Use Business Tools to Give You a Head-Start

You can gain a big advantage over your business competitors by using the correct business tools. Business tools can protect you and safeguard transactions. They can also make your business more productive.

The Three Main Benefits of Going for the Best Dividend Paying Stocks

Now as far as making an investment is concerned, dividend paying stocks are among the most popular options. A lot of expert and veteran stock market players will tell you that going for such makes an ideal decision. Given that, here are three of the main benefits of going for the best dividend paying stocks.

A Few Ways To Help With Your Personal Financial Planning

Personal financial planning isn’t hard but you do need to be constant with your budget. Not sticking with a budget will get you off your financial plan and back into financial ruin.

Does the Thought of Needing to Make More Money Make You Anxious?

Does the thought of needing to make more money leave you filled with anxiety, frustration and overwhelm? Do you doubt yourself and your ability to ever achieve your financial goals – even though the deeper spiritual part of your brain says, “I know it’s possible to increase my income, get rid of debt, save more and be financially successful”?

Accounts Not Properly Closed May Later Haunt You

It’s important to close an account the right way, even if that account isn’t listed on your credit report right now. Failing to properly close your account could haunt you later, when you least expect it. Follow a few steps to close your account and even monitor the account for a few months after closing to be sure the cancellation process went smoothly.

Disappointment Can Be Cured!

Disappointment generally manifests itself after you were hoping that something would happen or work and is most often a hollow feeling inside, or feelings of hurt and disbelief. I am usually disappointed when I cannot go on a trip especially since I really enjoy planning the trip, researching the area, finding deals and tours. My significant other and I had a trip planned with another couple to Cancun, Mexico.

Ever Been Overwhelmed?

I am sure that everyone can relate to being overwhelmed. We have all had experiences in our life where there was just too much to do and not enough time to do it. Maybe you have too many thoughts running through your mind simultaneously.

Going Green Emotionally

You are just more important. Your financial life is more important because if you are not financial sound how will you be able to save the planet. However, there are many ways to help protect the planet that will actually save you money without spending anything. Go emotionally green.

How to Lead Your Kids Away From the Trappings of Debt

There is a lot of complaint about the lack of financial education being provided to the younger generations. Personal Finance 101 is not a required high school or college course, yet the financial status of an adult is highly dependent upon the lessons learned about money from a young age.

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