Can a pretty or handsome face make you more employable

How to Free Up Money in Your House

If you have owned your house for a number of years, then you probably know that you will have made some money on the house. This is called equity and happens when your house is worth more than you paid for it.

Work Smart – Not Hard

Are you worried about how much money you will have when you retire? Maybe you are just not aware of how easy it can be to set up a Pension Plan that will give you peace of mind and a good financial future.

10 Important Changes to the UK Budget in 2014 – Pensions

The UK pensions “revolution”. You can now access more of your UK pension, but still face high taxation upon death and income. British expats can avoid these taxes through transfers to a QROPS (overseas pension scheme) for protection. For those with final salary schemes, this may be the last 6 months you have to transfer your pension before the next budget in April 2014 as transfers take 3 – 6 months.

A History Lesson

Last week, one of my clients told me a story about Germany that blew my mind: World War I was very expensive. When the Germans lost the war, the world basically stuck them with the bill, saying, “We want reparations for all the destruction caused. We’re going to rebuild everything and you have to pay for it.

Finding Reliable Rare Coin Dealers – Not As Easy As It Seems

Collecting coins is among the ancient hobbies worldwide. Those people that are interested in this should learn how to find coin dealers that have a good reputation, who can help them verify coins and find rare currencies. Finding coins or currencies that are rare is among the most interesting things about collecting coins.

Five Ways To Handle Your Personal Finances Successfully

In order to live one’s life comfortably and well, it is not just necessary to earn enough money, but also have the acumen to deploy it in a manner that it yields good returns. People who are financially sound and successful are those who dedicate most of their time and energy in budgeting, managing and planning their finances on a regular basis. In order to make your money grow, you not just need to have the basic financial education and make a constant effort to enhance it. Here are five tips you can use to handle your money better.

Common Mistakes People Make With Their Personal Finances

Talking about personal finances is not a subject that most people enjoy. The reality is people generally assume that personal money difficulties are from a lack of money to work with. However, money management and handling proves to be more of a challenge than not actually having enough money.

What Is a Reverse Mortgage Loan Good For?

This quickly explains what a reverse mortgage loan is and also what to watch out for. This is becoming more and more popular.

How to Protect Your Business During a Recession

All of us are feeling the pinch of the recession. There are some steps that business owners and managers can take to lessen the negative impact to their bottom line. Here are five helpful business ideas to think about during a recession.

Things You Need To Understand In Relation To Stocks And Shares

Purchasing trading stocks could bring lucrative rewards. However, it can also bring frustration and failure if the market is not approached correctly. In order to avoid the possibility of this, investors must have a good familiarity with investment as well as how the market works. This advice will let you avoid making the worst investment mistakes.

Setting Realistic Financial Goals

We all need money to survive, but what happens when you overspend and go into debt? Personal financial management requires discipline and a knowledge of money skills. Get started with these personal finance tips.

3 Top Tips to Save Money on Your Energy Bill

Rising energy bills are no joke however it is possible to cut the cost of your gas and electricity spending by making a few simple changes. These three top tips will save you money in the short term and help you change your energy using habits for long term savings.

How Much Money Will I Need When I Retire?

Knowing how much money you need to retire can be a daunting task. Figuring out your expenses and how to maintain them in retirement is one of the most important things you can do before taking that leap.

Saving for Retirement – Why Planning Your Retirement Now Is Necessary

Saving for retirement can be tricky and difficult to navigate. There are different strategies to making sure you’re ready for your golden years. Check out these tips to help you get started.

Can You Save Money In A Recession?

Learn what steps to take in order to save money during a recession. Are there ways of saving money during a recession? Recession is a word that has a negative meaning for many people; it fills many people full of a dreadful fear of loss. People are scared that it means that it makes it harder to live comfortably especially if you lose your job, or you no longer get raises in pay. Take these steps to make it through the trouble.

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