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Top Personal Finance Myths

If you’re stuck in a financial rut, here’s a bit of good news for you: You can get out of it sooner than you think. But wait, here comes the bad news: You can get stuck there forever if you’re not doing the right things. To get yourself on track, the first thing you need to do is to debunk the personal finance myths that are bringing you down.

Free Government Grants Are Common

The challenges of youth highlight careers around the nation. Year after year more and more potential employees enter the realm of job seeking. The avenues towards job applications and job interviews continue to exist. To some, the ideal career is considered a mystery and unreachable.

Hints and Tips for a Successful Mortgage Application

Before I completely hang myself and say this is a sure fire way to have your mortgage application slide through the mortgage process, I would like to say that each and every lender is different and their criteria changes depending on the current market place and risk assessment of specific sectors of lending, such as high loan to value, buy to let and perhaps adverse credit lending (when available). We have seen in the past few years a dramatic change in how lenders assess, process and offer mortgages to consumers…

Why You Need Multiple Income Streams to Achieve Financial Freedom

Multiple income streams are essential to the building of wealth and the achievement of financial freedom. This is especially true in the new economy, since there is no more job security and depending only on one income stream just isn’t secure anymore. However…

How to Manage Your Money When You Don’t Have a Lot of It

A common question people have is how to manage money when they don’t have a lot of it to manage. Let’s face it, having a cash trickle instead of a cash flow can be frustrating and it can be tempting to simply tell yourself that…

Striking a Balance Between Romance and Finance

Most people always find it very difficult to manage their own resources and so the moment a second party comes into question, it is double tragedy for them. But did you know that you can strike an unbelievable balance between sustaining your romantic relationship without compromising your financial plans? Couples who are fresh into the new world of marriage are engraved so much in excitement that they get blindfolded by their love.

Credit Negotiation Strategies

Most people tend to try simple budgeting and snowball payments, which may or may not be successful. If not, they jump right to seeking debt consolidation or using third party companies to help them resolve their debts. In fact, there is a huge step in between these two options that can be quite successful if used correctly.

The First Thing You Should Do If a Bogus Debt Collector Contacts You

Times are good for bogus debt collectors.  According to the FTC, debt collection complaints rose 10% to 180,928 in 2011.

Is My Insurance Company Going to Drop Me If I File This Claim?

This is a thought that has gone through most of our minds. I know it has mine, when I have filed a claim. This is a legitimate fear that comes with filing an insurance claim; for either your Auto or Homeowner’s Policy. Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule to figure out if you will be dropped. However, what I can do is share my experiences with you to help you make a decision.

Make Your Future Better With Fixed Annuity

Annuities are here to support your financial status when you are no more working. Avail for best annuity rate to meet your demands.

Golden Rules for Teaching Kids Money Skills: Financial Literacy for Youth Month

With April as Financial Literacy for Youth month, here are five “Golden Rules” to aid parents in teaching their children about money. These are rules any parent can apply to children of all ages.

How to Stretch A Penny Until It Is Invisible!

Your expenses are going up with no increase in income. Here are ideas to make your money go farther.

A Little Information About Compound Definition

Most people have a limited idea of what it means to get compounded interest on their investments. However, that limited knowledge may not be enough to spur them on to making sound investments unless they are able to better understand the benefits.

How to Master Money – You Can!

How to Master Money…what a concept, especially when you realize that money has more to do with emotions than actual cash in hand. The bottom line is believing money will make us happy can lead people to do very irrational things.

Commitment To Financial Discipline

Financial or monetary issues are part of every Christian life. I’ve watched how many lives have been destroyed, family scattered, churches ruined, because of financial indiscipline. We’re not immune to making foolish financial decisions. There’s no magic to financial discipline. No special word can be spoken and your finances come together. You must exercise discipline and make commitment with regards to financial matters. Managing your money will require more than Hallelujah, let’s see what it takes.

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