Buffett: How To Turn Small Sums Of Money Into Large Ones

SIPPS: Pensions for Those Who Like the Freedom to Choose

Could SIPPs be the right kind of scheme for your future? With a SIPP, pensions are opened up to allow you to invest exactly how you want to.

Seth Klarman

The investment industry has seen some great minds in which Seth Klarman is a shining name. He is the founder and current President of Baupost Group that is private investment partnership based in Boston. Not only that he is a successful business man but he has also written a fabulous book “Margin of Safety: Risk-Adverse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor”. This book covers the subject of value investing and provides a complete guide to those who are willing to invest in any kind of business.

Tips To Saving Money On Your Phone Bill

First tip to saving money on your phone bill An easy way to save a sizable amount of money on your phone bill is to switch to a prepaid cell phone plan. Do you have a two-year cell phone plan and do you have to renew the plan so as to receive the “free” minutes? If so, then it means you are spending too much on your phone even without utilizing all the monthly free minutes.

The Best Way To Pay Down Debt

This article talks about re-evaluating the types of debt you take on. It then gives a powerful solution to tackle debt payoff in the most efficient manner.

Financial Planning Software – Features and More

Every financial planning software is developed by software engineers with the help of financial professionals. The software is based on a relationship of advice between the client and the financial adviser. You will have total control of the different financial scenarios with the use of this piece of software, I mean from deep financial plans to basic financial concepts.

College Debit Cards: Fees Eating At School Funds

College students are now being offered easy access to their grants and student financial aid with debit and pre-paid card. The hidden fees associated with using them are eating away at the student’s money. Aggressive marketing for these cards are keeping the students using them instead of other less expensive choices.

Income Protection Insurance – 5 Costly Mistakes You Could Make When Buying a Policy

Income protection insurance is designed to replace your monthly income if you are unable to work through accident, sickness or unemployment. When you consider how important your income is to your lifestyle, it is surprising that so few people protect themselves with this type of insurance. Unfortunately, the industry jargon that surrounds the product can sometimes confuse people, and lead them to purchase the wrong type of policy. Here are 5 costly mistakes to avoid when buying income protection.

Why Inflation Affects the Poor More Than the Rich

This article is about inflation. More than that, this article is aimed at educating those who have little or no financial education background. As the title suggests, the topic will center on why inflation will affect the poor more than the rich.

How I Made $58354.6 In 8 Days From Free Sign-Ups (All The Tips Revealed)

This is the full story about how I made close to $60,000 in a week by applying a simple idea which I actually did not believe in. I publish it to encourage other doubting Thomases like me.

Inspiration From Robert Kiyosaki

As we start on our chosen career paths, we open our mailbox and saw tons of mails. Most of them are for college debt repayments, mortgages, the bill you incurred last month for a trip to Europe, your credit cards and many more! Don’t you find that it is nearly impossible to save up for the rainy days ahead given your current paycheck?

Should I Invest In Gold?

If you watch the T.V., read the newspaper, or have seen a billboard, then you’ve probably had someone tell you that you need to buy gold. Well, should you? Pete explains what part gold should play in your investment portfolio as well as the data that he thinks should influence your decision.

A Guide to UK Pension Tax Relief

It’s a well known fact that the state pension has never been enough to meet the demands of the retirement. The government seems to know this fact very well, which may be the reason why the government has been paying so much attention in making public and company pension schemes as attractive as possible for a better retirement planning. The basic objective of these schemes is to encourage people to save enough money for the retirement by providing pension tax relief and increasing tax efficiency. One of the basic reasons, why people are opting for these pension investment schemes is the tax relief that comes with these investing schemes.

Health and Wealth – Do They Go Together?

“We Wish You Health, Wealth and Happiness.” How many times have you heard someone bestowing this wish at a graduation, birthday, wedding or other celebration? Yet, in spite of our best wishes we continue to live in a world where the gap between the rich and the poor continue to widen. Those who are considered to be “wealthy” comprise less than half a percent of the world’s population.

4 Rules For Using Bank Drive-Up Services

The drive-up lanes at your bank have rules to keep traffic flowing smoothly and quickly. Don’t be the one who screws it all up by not following these rules!

Simple Ways To Spend Less Money

    The best way to spend money is to formulate a strong plan to save money and put that fund in a separate account. You can build your reserve account by finding out how to spend money frugally that can help you face any difficulties down the road. A saving account is a primary strategy for strong financial planning.

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