Buffett: How Long Can Stocks Stay Overpriced (Before A Crash)

Saving For Married Life

Most people starting out on a career see saving for their wedding as their immediate financial goal. That is a time when they actually put their hard-earned savings to use. Notwithstanding the expenses by parents, self-financing one’s wedding with one’s own money does have its own merits. So, it helps if one starts saving for one’s wedding from the early stages of one’s career. Financial goals change over the years due to changes in circumstances, such as inheritance, marriage, birth, house purchase or change of job status. So, one needs to revisit these plans ahead of marriage.

Don’t Put All Your Apples in One Basket

Despite its recent declines, Apple stock is still up 543 percent since the market low of March 9, 2009. Even if you bought Apple last year, you still made a hefty 40 percent return. There is no denying that Apple has been a fantastic investment. Maybe you didn’t purchase any Apple stock, so you think you missed out on a great opportunity. But whether you bought the stock or not, unbeknownst to you, you may actually own much more of that famous fruit than you think. Be careful, too many bites of Apple could make your financial stomach (portfolio) hurt if the stock continues to slide.

I’m Short on Cash: Should I Withdraw Money From My 401k?

With so many other options available, withdrawing money from your 401k plan is almost always a bad idea. Here are a couple things to consider before you swap your long-term plans for a short-term solution.

Cosmetics Shopping Tips Your Wallet Will Love

Cosmetics industry is one of the biggest and most marketed in the world. This does not account to anything as much as the customer needs. Everybody buys makeup and many women buy too much of it. Here a few tips on how you can save yourself lots of cash and still enjoy what you love.

When You Need to Make Money

At times we all experience a pressing need to make money. Often this happens at a time of major change, like finding a new place to live, coping with a job loss, or going through bereavement or divorce.

Easy Way To Earn Cash

Would you like to have a little bit of extra money in your pocket? It would be difficult to find anyone who would say no to that question. Of course, there are some things that need to be done if you’re going to put that money in your pocket in some cases, it’s going to require a sacrifice on your part. At times, that sacrifice is going to be a matter of time but in other cases, you’re going to need to sacrifice some of your valuables in order to make the money.

Ways People Can Get Loans More Cheaply

Sometimes taking out a loan is a necessity that cannot be avoided, whether it is to help you to afford a property, to help you with your business, or enable you to pay off another debt even – sometimes our personal finances just can’t cover our requirements and we need to look elsewhere for funds. However sometimes the loan itself can also be an expense too many, and if the APR is too sky high it can end up getting people into even more trouble. Fortunately there are several steps that borrowers can take in…

The Supreme Court Just Announced, “Your Taxes Are Going Up”

We now have certainty about what the future holds for the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (PPACA). By upholding the PPACA, the Supreme Court kept the wheels moving that will affect all of us for years to come. The new law comes with some very specific tax provisions that you need to understand since you may want to take action in 2012 before some of those new taxes come into play.

Tis Better To Give Than To Receive After All: The Benefits Of CLATs

Philanthropy is a worthy end alone, but what if you could increase your charitable giving while at the same time reducing your income, gift and estate taxes and earning a reasonable rate of return to boot? This article explores the benefits of Chartiable Lead Annuity Trusts.

Take Care of Yourself: Steps Toward Financial Wellbeing

Recently, I led a discussion group on the topic of financial self-care. Some interesting points came out of the discussion. People seemed, generally, to have a good idea of what they need to do to take care of themselves financially. Statements about the feelings resulting from successful financial self-care were powerful. Consider these comments: “I feel better about myself”…

Is Your Life Insurance Plan Still Right for You?

Has your life plan kept pace with your life? When was the last time you paused to evaluate the lifestyle changes you’ve experienced over the years? Are you loved ones still protected and cared for should tragedy strike? Ask yourself five key questions in your pursuit of Peaceful Wealth.

Are Traditional Savings Accounts a Thing of the Past?

Cash ISAs, fixed rate bonds, online savings accounts – the number of different options on today’s market can make choosing a savings account a complex process at times. With the advances in the products being offered, many people are left wondering what ever happened to the traditional savings accounts?

Indexed Annuities: Who’s Right and Who’s Not

With the global recession still in effect over numerous countries from Europe to Asia as well as the United States, investors are increasingly becoming worried about their portfolios especially in terms of their indexed annuities. These types of annuities provide investors with a guaranteed minimum return based on a particular stock market index, say, the Dow Jones or the S&P 500. Like all other types, there are pros and cons to these annuity contracts.

Building Your Pension Plan With Variable Annuities

Let’s first differentiate between fixed and variable annuities. On one hand, fixed annuities are suitable for individuals who want fixed income from their investments for the duration of the contract, which usually extends until the death of the annuitant. The insurance company is obligated to pay out both the fixed earnings and principal set on the contract.

Has Your Plan, Hit the Wall?

Frustrated with your financial strategy? Perhaps it needs a review, not a replacement.

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