Bitcoin and Stocks vs the Dollar – [Rich Dad’s StockCast]

Research the Market to Know About Various Annuity Rates

Read this article to know about the various advantages offered by the fixed annuity schemes. Through this article, you will also know about the necessity of researching the market for getting the best possible annuity rates available in the market.

Counting Wild Pigs

Discover a secret to financial wellness through ancient mythology. How does counting wild pigs help you get a handle on your run away finances?

Five Fantastic Ways to Stay Out of Debt

It is certainly true that getting free of debt can be a tremendous challenge. There are countless programs and approaches to debt elimination available online and in bookstores, but many people still find ways to sabotage their success and wind up with the same old problems. Follow a plan and be successful in getting free of debt.

5 Strange Businesses That You Can Start With Less Than $500

The plus point of strange businesses is that they are not familiar to tons of other people. As a result, starting an unusual business eliminates the chance of facing severe competition. If one decides to start one’s own business but has less capital, one has no other way but to think out of the typical tracks.

Entering No-Man’s Land – The Trend Is Still Your Friend

We are now entering no-man’s land. That is the period just between earnings season where the market tends to drift lower. The market has had this tendency since the rally started, where stocks rise during earnings releases due to better than expected results, then correct as earnings expectations get reduced between quarters, only to rally again as earnings season starts again.

Financial Ingredient Labels

Financial Ingredient Labels I often compare financial issues to food, mainly because personal finance is loaded with jargon that only furthers a person’s confusion. I will compare using riskier investments to having a tolerance for hot peppers. Or, a budget (spending plan) is often compared to a diet (nutrition plan).

3 Questions to Ask Yourself Before Making a Big Purchase

You have had your eye on that new car, gadget, dress or whatever it may be for a while now. Knowing that it will soon be in your hands has kept you motivated during those long days at work. The time has finally come where you have enough money to buy it and you are filled with excitement just thinking about it.

Car Insurance Basics – How Motor Insurance Policies Work

Most people buy all forms of insurance, including car insurance on an emotional rather than a rational basis. What this means in reality is that people pay a company a sum of money, and in return expect someone to come along and look after them or put things right if and when things go wrong. This mindset meets a couple of the most basic human need there are and is an attitude that has been fostered by insurance companies and the insurance industry since the time of Edward Lloyd.

Managing Your Salary

There is a man receiving USD 10,000 per month as a general manager in his company, but almost 60 percent of his salary is used to pay his debts. At the same time, there is an ordinary staff whose salary is not that big, but he has assets with a value continues to increase. How should we manage our salary?

Rules For Financial Health

Financial hardship can strike anyone at anytime and even the most money savvy person can have a hard time staying afloat. While financial experts don’t always agree on the best way to get out of debt, they can agree on some simple rules that create a financially healthy lifestyle.

Car Insurance Basics – Why Is My Premium So High?

Understanding why your car insurance premium seems very high may give you the insight needed to understand the nature of the risks involved, and what you may be able to do to reduce them, and in effect reduce costs, in this case premiums as well. Insurance is simply about risk, and someone deciding what the probability of a risk is, and then charging a percentage based rate as a result, which translates into a monetary figure that you pay as a premium. In reality, in motor insurance, it is not this scientific, and rates are affected not simply by the…

Car Insurance – Best Deals for Young Drivers

Cost comparison websites for car insurance have become the norm nowadays for many people to get their car insurance. For young people however they may well not be the best option despite giving the illusion that they are. The illusion exist because of the image they present, rather than the reality of what is involved in using them. Cost comparison websites work by you filling in a fairly detailed online proposal form, which is then electronically checked against insurance rates provided by a number of insurance companies, and hey presto you…

Pension Planning – Preparing For The Years To Come

Pension planning is important in achieving financial stability once you retire. Instances like increasing cost of living and soaring health care cost are inevitable in the future and so you must be prepared for them.

Save Your Family Big Money With Coupons – Without All the Work

Do you aspire to save your family big money using coupons but do not have the time to search for or clip coupons? If so, then you will be very excited to learn about coupon clipping services.

Prepaid Cards – No Fees

Prepaid cards no fees, reloadable credit cards, and other new financial instruments now available to consumers with a poor credit history are a just-in-time solution to problems with conducting financial transactions. Due to the drastic change in our economy, with high unemployment rates, the value of money declining, and the rising cost of living, increasingly more people have poor credit histories. With so many people suddenly laid off work for no fault of their own, it is very difficult to keep credit scores intact despite the best of intentions.

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