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Spending Smart: Get More Of What You Want While You Spend Less

If you are always buying the same thing every day, a great way to get more for what you pay is by buying in bulk. If you buy a water bottle every day, just go to the grocery store and buy a 36 pack of water bottles. Boom — you just saved money by spending a little more cash for much more water bottles. And you still get your favorite brand.

What Is It You Want And Why Do You Want It?

What you want and why you want it are really good questions to ask yourself. Even better write them down. As in a business start with a mission and a vision then you can build from there. Knowing your habits with money allows you the opportunity to tweek, change or start new habits that allow you to manifest what your intention is.

It Is Important, Folks, You Have Got to Live Within Your Means

I am in a mess. My credit card debt is sinking me. I don’t know what to do.

Raising Money From the Equity in Your Home

Equity release is a relatively new way for homeowners over the age of 55 years old to raise money against the value of their home or property. As this is a very important decision it will be very important to take independent financial advice before agreeing or signing up to any scheme, and considering all the possibilities and implications will be essential before proceeding.

Personal Finance Strategies – 5 Ways to Better Finances Today

What’s the secret to better money management? Is there an easier way to stay on top of everything? While there’s no magic bullet, a few simple principles will get you started down the right road.

Five Ratios to Evaluate Your Financial Health

You all are aware that to be healthy various parameters of your body should be within certain desired range. But what about your personal finance? Have you ever evaluated your financial health? How do you know you are leading a financially healthy life? Discussed below are five financial parameters that will help you to evaluate your financial health.

Tips For Debt Negotiation

While bankruptcy is an option available to provide debt relief, it isn’t the only option. In fact, many people are able to find freedom from their debts through simple negotiations with their creditor. However, successfully negotiating can be tricky.

Increase Your Current Earnings With The Help Of A Financial Adviser

Having a financial adviser will prove to be very useful for individuals especially for those who have a business since these professionals know how to tackle issues such as wealth management. They are also in a position to give their clients suggestions on how to properly invest in order to gain more profit.

How Shopaholics Can Benefit From Their Financial Advisors

We have all encountered that time where we are having a casual stroll in a mall then we stop in our tracks all of a sudden because we see that very tempting sign that indicates a sale is going on. Even if we do not need a particular item, the fact that it’s discounted makes it very enticing and hard to resist.

The Individual Investor’s Plight: Trust Your Equipment

Last week, I had to chaperone my son’s sixth-grade class on a trip to an environmental learning center. One of the activities was climbing 30 feet in the air and navigating a ropes course amongst the treetops. Finishing with a zip line was exhilarating. But before we even went up, the instructor spent a lot of time on our safety equipment. He wanted the kids to feel safe and trust their equipment so that they could forget about that part and focus on overcoming their fears. It struck me that all of us need to trust our equipment a little more in life.

3 Clear Benefits of Using an Online Bank

In recent years, many brick and mortar banks have steadily reduced their services and increased their fees. One area which has flourished in this environment is the world of online banks. Institutions such as ING are no longer the novel newcomer to the financial world. Most people have at least heard of one online bank and many even use one.

How to Prevent Losing Your Hard Earned Money on Bad Investments?

There are thousands of investment products available in the market; however, most of the investors do not have a clear idea on each and every product. In every investment you cannot expect fun and make money. Needless to say, each financial product has its own pros and cons.

PayPal Popular Tool for Crooks Trying to Steal Your Money

PayPal is becoming more popular for scammers to use to steal your money and your identity. Find out more about what to do if you’ve fallen victim.

Work Place Financial Wellness Needed Now More Than Ever

While just now coming to the surface, financial literacy education is beginning to catch on across the country. Companies have been knee-deep in implementing health wellness programs, but only recently has the idea of integrating financial wellness training into a holistic approach to wellness begun to take hold.

Basic Bank Accounts Could Be the Answer If You Have Had Credit Problems and Need a New Account

Even by applying elsewhere with another bank may not work as they will soon discover what has happened as they will almost certainly perform a credit check on you. Meaning they will see who you owe money to and exactly how much, meaning they will decline you with often no reason. There is however some light at the end of the tunnel if this has happened to you, as you can still apply to one of the large high street banks, however you will need to be very particular about what type of account you ask for, as…

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