Billionaires Are Hoarding Gold for Reasons That May Surprise You

The Secret to Achieving Financial Success

I am going to share with you the secret to achieving financial success. The secret is universal, and is adaptable to your personal definition of success.

Delaying Social Security: Spending Down Assets

Those nearing retirement have a critical decision to make; should you take Social Security early at 62 or should you delay claiming benefits until you reach full retirement age (for many, age 66 or 67) or even until age 70? While this might seem like a question for each individual, it really is a household decision; statistically, women live longer than men so this is more of an insurance issue for the surviving spouse. But inherent in this idea of delaying benefits is a challenge that you really need to start thinking about when you are in your 40s and 50s.

Understanding The Two Types Of Junior ISA

When choosing a Junior ISA it’s important to be aware that any child eligible for a Children’s ISA will be able to either have one account opened, or two, and the difference depends partly on whether you wish to go for a safe, conservative and defensive investment, one more risky but potentially more profitable, or a balance between the two. The two types of Junior ISA include the basic cash Junior ISA, and the stocks and shares Junior ISA. This latter type of children’s account is also sometimes referred to as an investment Junior ISA.

Junior ISAs – Protecting Children From Certain Uncertainty

From one end of life to the other, the financial challenges and problems have shifted, and it is entirely impossible to say what fresh challenges will be facing young children today once they reach young adulthood in a decade or two. Fortunately there is an answer, and it comes in the form of the Junior ISA, or Junior Individual Savings Account.

A Safe Investment Opportunity for Grandparents – Junior ISAs Explained

As a grandparent you may be looking at various options available which could allow you to help out your grandchildren, but there may be one option which you haven’t considered, but which could prove to be one of the best possible. Children’s ISAs have been around for a while now, although for a few years the government ran a scheme called the Child Trust Fund, and as a result many grandparents and other family members and friends have turned their attention away from such financial initiatives. The problem was that a Child Trust Fund was a…

Is A Junior ISA Simply A Risky Time Bomb?

I recently heard an excuse, as least that’s what I’ll call it, for why a parent should not open a Junior ISA for their child and start putting away a regular amount to help create a nest egg for when their child reaches 18. I strongly believe that saving at least a little on a regular basis using something like the children’s ISA is a fantastic way of helping to provide a child with what will almost certainly be an essential pot to help them overcome the financial challenges and hurdles which will face them as they leave…

Junior ISA Advice – Three Popular Assumptions Which Are Wrong

In talking with a number of people just lately about Junior ISAs I picked up on three surprising misunderstandings or assumptions which could well be holding many parents back from helping their child financially in the future. In this article I’m going to look at these three issues and try to provide a little clarification.

5 Reasons to Keep a Balanced Checkbook

Keeping a balanced checkbook can seem like such a daunting task, many of us refuse to do it. Read more for 5 good reasons to keep a balanced checkbook. It could be more important than you think.

Do I Really Need Renters Insurance?

Many renters don’t have insurance, and don’t believe they need it. Learn the reasons to get renters insurance, and how it can protect you from the unimaginable.

Protect Yourself From Going Into Debt

Staying out of debt can be just as hard as getting out of debt. However, a number of tactics exist that you can use to protect yourself from being or falling into a hole. Apply the ideas listed here to make sure that you both eliminate debt and avoid future obligations.

Ready to Move? Finances and Your First Apartment

Renting your first apartment involves a number of finance decisions and costs. This article outlines the costs associated with leasing an apartment and suggests a few ways to save on move in expenses.

Value, Growth and Momentum

The oldest rule in investing is the simplest: Buy low; sell high. Over the last several years, that has been easier said than done. Many successful financial advisors take a disciplined approach to investing with an emphasis on managers who understand that long-term performance is determined by fundamentals of value, growth and time arbitrage.

Finances and Feminism – Do Women Need a Different Financial Education to Men?

Even though we live in a post-feminist world, where women have equal opportunities in employment, pay scale, and education, many women still need to learn about finances in a different way from men. This is due to many factors, including certain cultural attitudes, motherhood, and lifespan.

Financial Planner – Get To Know His Roles and Responsibilities

Financial planner can be denoted as a person offering monetary advices that are beneficial for his clients. A good professional with this job title contributes positively in taking efficient business steps.

Building the Savings for Disabled Canadians – Registered Disability Savings Plan (RDSP)

This article briefly discusses the “Registered Disability Savings Plan” (RDSP) for disabled Canadians. Families with disabled members face many financial challenges, to address these issues, Government of Canada has launched the RDSP in 2008.

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