Bill Gates Has Sold Huge Stock Positions: A Warning To All Investors

How to Plan Your Retirement and Make Sure Your Kids Won’t Starve

One of the most important parts of family budgeting is planning for your retirement. Even if you are still relatively young, you need to remember that one day you will no longer be working. While you are still working, you can always take loans or work longer hours if you feel the pinch. But these options will not be so easy or available when you get to your old age. So plan your retirement carefully – while you still can, and you can stay financially independent for much longer.

4 Ways To Avoid Running Out Of Money During Retirement

If you are worried about how you will survive during retirement and are scared that you cannot afford to grow old, you are not alone. There are millions of people equally as scared. Let down by Governments, Let down by Banks, where will it all end?

10 Steps To Make Investing As Easy As Cooking

Cooking any dish involves a basic procedure. Apply the same process to investing too and you will realize how easy it is to manage your money.

Budgeting: Consider a Less Labor Intensive Approach

A traditional budget is not for everyone. This article suggests another approach; one that is less labor intensive and more appropriate for those that fear the structure and discipline required for a traditional budget, or simply don’t have the time.

The Parents Dilemma – Saving for College or Retirement

Should we save for college or should we save for retirement? Whether your little ones are in diapers or about to head off to college, if you are a parent you have probably asked yourself this question over and over.   The hefty price tag of higher education seems to be increasing every year.

A Personal Finance Advisor for a Secure Future

Finance is an important aspect in every individual’s life. A proper planning will easily help a person overcome all their needs and emergency situations. This is possible through a personal finance plan.

Foreclosures Repossessions and Cancellation of Non-Business Debt

The tax treatment of debt cancellation will vary depending on your situation. The cancellation of debt may result in ordinary income, income from the sale of assets, or both. However, there are exceptions and exclusion from the possibility that income will be included that are discussed below.

Lessen Your Burdens By Hiring A Professional Financial Advisor

One important thing that everyone should put into consideration is to manage their finances well. We all have a lot of different concerns in our lives and so we must learn how to prioritse them all. There should be enough allocation for every aspect of your life. You need to plan ahead for the education of your kids, the daily expenses, the bills, insurance, and other things.

Ways to Get Cash From a Credit Card

In the credit squeeze of the last few years it has become harder to make money from your credit card, but it is still possible. We have outlined a few ways you can make the credit card companies work for you, now that has to be a good thing, surely!

Get Investment Strategy From Market Advisers

To win in any game you need to have a good strategy. The same rule applies for a stock investment strategy. Always remember whenever a good strategy is applied you will surely be rewarded with profit. If in near feature you are planning to do investment, then you need to have a strong investment strategy.

The Truth About E-Statements

With the advent of the internet age has come many, many changes in our day to day lives. Banking is just one of those things that have become progressively more convenient. With this technology comes another opportunity for banks to offer convenience to their customers while saving costs – e-statements.

Key Things to Consider About Enhanced Annuities

An enhanced annuity works in the same way as a conventional annuity. You pass your pension savings to the insurer and they take the risk for providing you with a guaranteed income for life. Where they differ from conventional products is that they take your health and lifestyle into account. This means that if you have an illness which potentially could reduce your life expectancy, the income you will receive will be higher as your pension savings have to spread over a shorter payment period.

Looking for a New Pension? Try a SIPPS

With so many options out there, choosing a new pension can be tricky. If you’re looking for freedom in your investment, SIPP pensions could be your best choice. SIPPS allow for a wide variety of funds that could help your money work even harder.

Fast Money – How to Make Money Fast

Are you broke? Do you want to earn some money fast? Or maybe you are just looking for an extra source of income? This article on how to make money fast will help you do just that.

Developing Accountability For Your Debts

Oftentimes, we put a large emphasis on money management skills that involve recovery. And, given the fact that human beings are prone to making mistakes, it makes sense to focus on advice for getting back on track. However, it’s important to remind readers of money management skills that are preventative.

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