How Much Do You Need To Earn Per Hour To Achieve Your Yearly Financial Goals

Have you ever asked yourself what your highest income producing activity is? If you’re like most people you probably go about your day-to-day business never really thinking about the moment to moment…

Does Money Make Money?

If it is your goal to accumulate wealth, believing the fallacy that money makes money, will hinder your progress to no end. This belief stifles many to a life of failure, and misery. The goal setting…

Building Wealth: A Wealth Building Strategy Is More Than Simply Diversifying Your Investments

With a successful wealth building strategy comes the understanding of what kinds of diversification offer you the protection you need from taking great losses in the short and long term. Diversifying your “assets” can mean much more than just diversifying your investments.

Turbocharged Financial Planning

Financial planning is an ongoing process individuals and businesses should implement by organizing all aspects of their finances. This will assist in identifying financial goals, providing a comprehensive written Financial Plan, and implementing the plan in accordance with the objectives that are most important to you. Comprehensive financial planning should involve these areas and these specific questions.

Asset Diversification Is NOT Boring…And Will Make You Money

Ever wonder where all your money has gone. Ever wonder why you are working for it and it isn’t working for you. Ever wonder why experts tell you that you can be a millionaire by keeping your investment strategy simple. The answers are here…and there are no secrets.

Virtual Millionaire

How to become a virtual millionaire and enjoy true freedom

10 Wisdom-Based Wealth-Building Strategies

“It’s the business of your life… and you’re the CEO!” Gala Gorman Imagine that you’re Noah and God is telling you that you need to build the ark. You might suspect that Noah was a bit skeptical. C…

Who Wants To be A Millionaire?

How many people search Google, Yahoo and MSN each day for the terms – make fast money online, get rich quick, or make money online? Or how about Who wants to be a millionaire? Thousands! Thousands upon thousands, each and every day. I wonder why?

Building Wealth by Paying Yourself First

When I look around at all of my friends, and a lot of my family, I see a lot of people living from pay check to pay check, under monetary stress. These same people watch the Calendar for payday like…

It Adds Up

Money saving tips, that you can start by the time you finish reading this article. Start saving for that long awaited family vacation today.

Residual Income – Part Three Finding Leaders

In my last article on Creating Residual Income I mentioned that employees are a pain. In addition to the “regular” problems of payroll, sick time, legal issues, etc., there is the bigger issue that EMPLOYEES ARE LOOKING OUT FOR THEMSELVES, NOT FOR YOU. It’s just the way it is. But there is a better way…

Residual Income – 3 Ideas For Long Term Profits

There are many ways to build a passive income. Three are detailed in this article — there are many others. Find one that fits you and pursue it. It’s worth the effort.

Residual Income – The Myth

We all want to get to a place where we have ongoing, hands- off income that continues without us having to work for it. These ads play into that desire by offering us the promise of “easy continuing income.” The reality is often far from the sales pitch.

Wealth Creation and Mortgage Planning – Two Great Tastes that Taste Great Together

What if I were to tell you that almost everything you have been told about what to do with your home has been absolutely wrong and that one of the worst ways to build wealth is through your home? And…

Is Accumulating a $1,000,000 Net Worth Easy? Yes and NO

Is accumulating wealth as easy as following a 3-step plan? Yes it is and no it isn’t. As with many things in life, accomplishing a goal such as accumulating one million dollars (or even $100,000) dep…

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