Being Cheap Won’t Make You A Millionaire Here’s What Will

How Do You Measure The True Rate-Of-Return On Your Money?

Your true RoR is your “at risk Rate-of-Return. Before you tune me out, I promise that it is not as complicated as it sounds.

The 10% Incremental Solution to Get Back a Maximum of 70% in the Stock Markets

Question: Why does the stock market sometimes climb higher past the point when it should have corrected? Answer: The herd mentality!

News For Altruists

Do you have an altruistic streak? Do you want your money to do good in this world, unencumbered by capital gains and estate taxes? If so, check into creating a charitable remainder trust, which I like to call a “zero tax plan.”

Cash Advance Online or Smarter Shopping Habits?

Don’t let your grocery bill drive up your need for a fast cash advance online. You have to make a conscience effort to keep your food costs within the budget. It’s hard to resist the selection of fast food opportunities when days are filled to the brim with activities. Food costs increase when you shop on an empty stomach, go to the store without a list or ignore the list altogether.

Financial Lessons From Professional Athletes

What professional athletes can teach you from finance. Money is finite-spend less than you make.

Generation Y: Still Living at Home With You?

If you have Gen Y kids still living at home, here are some suggestions. First, have them pay for their own food and an additional amount for rent, even if it only totals $500-800 per month. Second, they should pay for their own car expense. It’s crucial that they understand how much it costs to live. Third, they need to pay for at least the interest on their student loans. Fourth, they must work, even if the job is “beneath them” and has nothing to do with their college degree.

US Federal Borrowing and Future Debt Crisis

Many of the mainstream politicians have no interest in solving our U.S. debt crisis. They hope they can keep borrowing from Asia and when our creditors cut us off, they will be retired millionaires. Question: Are Americans willing to cut spending, raise taxes, and stop borrowing?

Secret Advanced Tax Strategies

Farmers in rural areas normally have not heard of tax strategies such as the family 401(k), defined benefit plan, Multi-Generational IRA, or the Roth IRA Conversion. These secret advanced tax strategies can save substantial taxes and provide lifetime income for the kids and/or grandkids. A future article will talk about how to guarantee a lifetime income to the farmers and avoid capital gains tax.

New Year’s Financial and Tax Resolutions for 2014

Use the Holidays to write down a concrete financial and tax plan for 2014. Your retirement future depends on this.

Baby Boomer Women and Money Part 2

Over-spending on your kids and not planning for LTC expenses are two major reasons many senior women wind up in financial hardship. Baby Boomer women should make plans to avoid these two landmines.

What Baby Boomer Women Should Know About Money!

It’s not unusual that women expect to live until their 80’s and 90’s. The best way for women to prepare for the future is expecting to earn their own money and having the knowledge to manage their investments.

How Much Are Employer Benefits Worth?

Benefits can amount to a significant portion of your compensation and should be closely analyzed when choosing an employer. Even if you aren’t changing jobs, knowing how to value your benefits might help you appreciate your job more.

Setting Your Budget: Trim Daily Expenses or Don’t Sweat the Small Stuff?

Is trimming back daily expenses really the best way to save money? More importantly, is the reduction in happiness worth the saved dollars?

The Next Stock Market Crash Is Less Than 15 Minutes Away

While I do not want to be an alarmist, I am compelled to be a realist. As person who watched so many people over the past 26 years lost so much of their hard earned money, I must prepare and warn you about things that I see and that the media will not report until it is newsworthy so they can say, “We will be right back after these messages from our sponsors.”

How a Financial Advisor Can Help You Stay on the Track

Though out our lives, we all need financial advice from time to time. When we’re young, it’s about advice related to how to spend our pocket money so that we can balance between our small treats and the gifts that we need to buy for our family and friends.

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