Beating the Bears and the Bulls – Robert Kiyosaki and Anthony Pompliano

Financial Planning Lessons From The Olympics

The Olympics are with us again! It’s that time every four years where we stay up late (or get up early) to watch some of the best sportsmen and women compete against each other across a range of different sports. I don’t know about you, but I always seem to end up watching some obscure sports that I usually have no interest in, just because “it’s the Olympics”! As I was watching the swimming a few nights ago, I began to think about how the Olympic athletes can teach us some valuable lessons about finance.

Why Money Matters in Marriage

Although we like to think that we are not materialistic, the fact remains that money plays a very important part in relationships. Whether it is changes in your spending habits or how you will invest as a family instead of as a single person, money will occupy a central position in your married life.

Financial Advice For The Spending Addicts

Everyone has those moments when you casually stroll around a mall, then all of a sudden, you stop in your tracks, things around you blur, and the world slowly swirls to focus on the big red sign in front of your favourite store: SALE. Everything with a percent-off tag suddenly looks so irresistible and you cannot just let them fall into other people’s hands. These are times when we lose control of our spending.

Financial Planning Advice For The Numerically-Challenged

Stock brokers, tycoons, and accountants only comprise a tiny fraction of the world’s population. These people are the lucky few who were born with a special relationship with digits and who have no trouble in handling their day-to-day finances.

Building Strong Money Management Skills

Having excellent money management skills can make or break a person’s future in both the long and the short run. Developing money management skills at any point in your life, whether young or old, can help you not only avoid bankruptcy, but live a healthy, thriving financial life.

Credit Cards for the Frequent Travelers

If you are a frequent traveler, you will make the most out of the credit cards for frequent travelers. Find out which cards are best for you if you love to transfer or are a frequent traveler.

How To Qualify For An Equipment Finance

Not everyone has the courage enough to start a business from scratch since it is not only risky, but also nerve wracking. But truth be told, there are actually a lot of individuals who want to start their own little manufacturing establishment.

How To Calculate Income Needed After Retirement

Several factors are used to determine how much money is needed for retirement. A few of these are your level of desired health care, out of pocket expenses, type of life style, and your retirement income.

How to Encourage Your Kids to Save Money

Encouraging kids to save money is an important thing parents should consider in their parenting plan. Although, it is not easy to make your kids learn all the money saving techniques, you can at least teach them few basic things that can make them disciplined money savers. The earlier you start, the better off they will be in saving and managing their finances. In this article, you will find some tips that help you encourage your kids to save money.

How to Create a Budget to Understand Your Spending

Budget is one of the important personal finance tools that helps an individual track and understand his spending. It helps him know where his money is going and what his financial position is. This information is crucial for him to keep his spending under control and helps him save money for financial needs, either short-term or long-term.

What Is a Trust?

What is a Trust? Explanation of how trusts work and broad categories of trusts available.

A Healthy Retirement Makes You Sweat

I have written often of the need to look at the cost of health care in retirement (often citing the Fidelity study that shows the average 65-year-old couple will need $240,000 in retirement for health care-not including long-term care). At the end of the day, however, the cost is the cost. If you need to use a doctor, you will eventually need to pay the bill. But who said you need to see the doctor?

Why Shop Around for the Best Enhanced Quotes?

Whilst we have all got used to shopping around for the best value and have become increasingly dependent upon the Internet to find great deals, searching for an annuity online has been left behind. As a result too many people are retiring with an income that is uncompetitive. The problem is compounded by the fact that once you have purchased an annuity the decision is irreversible. This could easily cost hundreds of pounds, possibly thousands for each and every year until you die. A costly mistake and one that is straightforward to rectify.

What Are The Potential Benefits of a UK Self Invested Personal Pension (SIPP)?

Time to get acquainted with the four C’s. Children, Cash, Control and Charges. Article highlighting the Potential Benefits of using a Self Invested Personal Pension for achieve retirement goals. Available for any UK citizen, this article highlights the difference’s between a SIPP and Standard Personal Pension.

Managing Your Finances Right

All of us want to be debt free. We do not want to accumulate debts and end up paying for it all our lives. Paying all these bills can be suffocating at times. You may be overwhelmed with all these payments that you need to pay but there are some ways that you can make use of in order to pay your bills, avoid debts and spend your finances carefully.

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