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The Right Way to Ask Your Boss for a Raise

A lot of people aren’t earning what they think they should be in their company. Some companies don’t offer yearly raises, or even offer a raise. Follow these tips and hopefully you’ll be on your way to getting the raise you know you deserve.

Why the Rich Get Richer and the Poor Get Poorer

Why is it that the people with the most amount of money continue to watch their wealth grow, while the people without any money continue to lose their money? This isn’t just some random way of how the world works, there’s reasons behind how this works. It all comes down to what you are doing with your money, and how you make it work in your favor.

Opening a Savings Account for Your Child

One of the first things you can do to start your child off right, is to get them to start saving as soon as they possibly can. It’s common knowledge that the longer you save money, the more money you have saved up. It’s not very hard to figure out. Start early, and have the peace of mind knowing you are saving for your child’s future.

How Can Financial Services Courses Help Your Career?

These courses will help you understand the fundamental methods and values of assets whether it is personal or corporate. It will also teach you on how to deal with tough and critical decision making. At the same time it will also help you once you will be exposed on financial debates and management.

Control Budgeted Costs To Avoid A Cash Advance

Food prices are always an issue at my house. My daughter has her favorites, which of course are opposite of my son’s and then there is me who is trying to make a more conscience effort in eating healthier. Most often, I can match a meal to two of the three, but rarely do I get all three unless we go out to eat somewhere. With groceries in the home, I find eating out brings more relief to stress, hunger and housework but ruins my monthly budget.

Difference Between FICO Score and VantageScore

A FICO score is used throughout the financial industry to determine credit worthiness, but now VantageScore is being pushed by the three credit bureaus to compete. Although fairly new, it says it is more accurate at its predictions than the traditional scoring system.

Investments That Trigger UBIT in a Self-Directed IRA/LLC

UBIT is a trust tax that is triggered when your IRA invests into a business or engages in business activity. There are a handful of investments that will trigger UBIT inside your Self-directed IRA/LLC. It is important to understand if your investment will trigger UBIT before making the investment so you are able to properly calculate your ROI.

Planning Meals And Saving Money At The Grocery Store

Saving money isn’t just about couponing, but that can definitely help. Saving money can be accomplished in several different ways, such as planning your meals ahead of time. There are several reasons to plan meals ahead of time, and here are a few tips of what I do to save money at the grocery store by planning meals.

How Much Money Is Ideal to Retire?

Having money to last you after you stop working is a major topic for many people. A lot of people can’t seem to be able to save the right amount of money, and most don’t even know how much they need. Make sure your future is secure and saved for long before you need to worry about it.

Use Your Tax Refund To Pay Down Cash Advance Debt Before You Shop

The New Year is in full swing and with it comes tax season. It’s one time of year that there may be less of a need for cash advances, online payday loan or credit card usage. Congress had us all worried for a bit, but they managed to get the job done in the 11th hour. The IRS worked hard to revamp and update all the changes and with the initial filing date pushed back a bit, hopes to have a smooth season. So how are the rest of us taking it?

How to Properly Borrow Money

Sometimes you just can’t make ends meet, have unseen expenses come up, or you are just upgrading something in your life. There are times in everyone’s life when people need to borrow money. Knowing how to properly borrow money can be the difference between owing money and upsetting the borrower, and being able to pay back the loan with ease.

Hello, Changes

John Steele Gordon, a financial historian, was asked if rich people were actually jumping out of windows during the stock market crash of 1929 and if suicide rates have gone up during such times in American history. He responded saying that the stories of wall street jumpers was based on bunk and that there was essentially no increase in suicide rates the last three months of 1929. His response is important to note because a lot of us reading this article (and one of us writing it) easily thought the stories to be true.

Financial Attraction

“Birds of a feather, flock together” and “you are known by the company you keep,” are well known sayings regarding probable human character assessment. We assume that the two sayings are true and therefore expect any one of a certain group, to act as the others in that same grouping. It may be a conditioned behavior to do this and yet not necessarily incorrect. The temptation to do so is also greatest when the similarities are visual, notorious and distinct from those of other groups. But it is easy to be misled and make an incorrect character assessment also, if further study or data isn’t made or considered. Anyone can be fooled by an imposter.

Protect Your Financial Freedom From Fraudsters And Phishing Attempts!

Phishing attempts and con-artists lurk everywhere you turn. Learn what you need to know in order to protect your financial freedom.

Preparing for a Baby Financially

So you’ve got the good news, and you are introducing a new family member into the world. One of the biggest concerns you face as a new parent is finding a way to support your child and give them everything they need. The cost of raising a child is enormous, and can be as much as $235,000. Make sure you are doing anything and everything you can to prepare yourself before you are trapped in a hole you can’t climb out of.

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