Bad Money Drives Out Good Money – Robert and Kim Kiyosaki, and Kevin DeMerrit

How to Earn Extra Cash

Short on cash? There are tons of different ways that you can earn extra income!

How Is a Financial Plan Like a Survival Plan?

Imagine you are traveling by plane from Tripoli, on the coast of Libya, west to Cairo, Egypt. Suddenly your airplane crashes in the Sahara Desert. You miraculously survive. You take care of the immediate issues: provisions, shelter, and aid for the wounded. What do you do next?

How to Invest Now

Innumerable risk, worries and “what if’s” notwithstanding, the “contrarily positive” approach I recommended to be taken to 2013 is working out. The Dow Jones Industrial Average and Standard and Poor’s 500 benchmarks recover to their new millennium 2000 levels and continue on into all-time high ground. Stock markets the world over display an encouraging resilience, including Canada where the TSX Composite is being held back by its heavy resource weighting, but there nonetheless plenty of offsetting strengths across other market sectors.

What’s Wrong With Being a Long-Term Investor?

“Why should you buy and hold? Because you are a long-term investor. All you really need to do is to buy high-quality companies and sit on them. Once you’ve done that, you can lie in your hammock and sip mint juleps. Life will be good.”

Two Types of Investors (and How They Affect Today’s Market)

Investors come in all shapes, sizes, and risk temperaments, but right now there are two particular types who are having a big effect on the market. Group #1 is made up of investors who bought into the market a year or six months ago. The market has been blowing and going, making all these new highs, and these investors are itching to sell.

Things To Consider Before Buying An Annuity

Annuity is considered a sound financial choice when you want to make sure you have enough money while growing older. The following guide will help you make a better choice when you compare various types of annuities available on the market.

Missold Pensions in the UK

How you may be entitled to compensation if you were missold your pension. Thousands of pounds in compensation could be yours.

How Much Is This?

Do you often wonder how much something is? Well, find out here!

Negative Savings Rate in U.S Due to Excessive Spending

In 2005, the U.S. Commerce Department’s Bureau of Economic Analysis put out a disturbing revelation: Americans had spent more than they earned and effectively had created a “negative savings rate” of 0.5% for the year. The only other time that this had occurred was during the Great Depression.

Cash Advance Lenders: Debt Erased With A Plan and Perseverance

Are you falling behind in paying off your online cash advance lenders? Have the interest charges become such a burden that you cannot put any money towards the principle?

Immediate and Deferred Annuities

With so many choices to be made when it comes to investments for better retirement finances, annuities often appear as a great option. They allow you to deposit as much money as you want, and they nicely complement your other incomes when you are older. They can also be used to serve as a protection tool for a surviving spouse, as benefits can be carried on after the owner of the annuity passes away. One of the differences one should pay special attention to when intending to buy an annuity is between immediate and deferred annuities.

Is Annuity a Good Choice?

Annuity is a form of investment that can benefit some people while it can make others regret their decision. As with any other financial tool, there is no ‘one size fits all’ solution, and you may have to run your own research before deciding whether it is a good decision to buy an annuity or not.

Payout Options for Annuities

One of the most important aspects of annuities is represented by annuity payout options. People invest in such financial tools, because annuity provides income, and this income can be used to complete pension and other retirement plans. Some payout options entitle you to a life annuity, others allow you to name a beneficiary after your death, in case there is still money to be paid, others offer combined benefits. In order to find which the best option for you is, you need to learn what they are and what they have to offer.

The Advantages And Disadvantages of Annuities

Annuity is a financial tool you can use to make your retirement years brighter. When you buy an annuity, you basically invest part of your money in getting better payments later on, when you will no longer be working, and you will have no means to support yourself other than your pension. This is an investment that looks good enough to buy, but what are the main benefits? How about downsides? Are there any? The following list of pros and cons of annuities will offer you a better picture.

How to Get Rid of an Annuity

When you buy an annuity, everything sounds great, and you think you have made an amazing choice. But what happens if you see that the respective annuity makes you lose more money than it makes, or you simply need the money you thought you wanted stashed away? Getting rid of an annuity is not exactly easy, and losing the future annuity payments will not be the only concern you will have.

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