August 2021 Net Worth Update

Why the Best ISA Rates Can Be Misleading

The banks and building societies are cleverly giving us even less ISA interest than the paltry rates of return already advertised in the UK, despite the best ISA rates available today being better than they were. You’re probably wondering what I mean by this. How are the banks getting the best ISA rates to look so good to us as savers and yet give us less in return than the rates being advertised?

Saving – 4 Answers To The ‘How Much’ Questions

Some of the questions we get most often from our financial coaching clients tend to be the “how much” questions. They want to know how much money they can get away with spending or how aggressive they should be in saving for a goal.

Can I Get My Money Out of My Annuity?

A question I get from my clients sometimes is once I make a deposit into an annuity contract can I get my money out again? The answer to that question is Yes you can. You have a few options to consider.

Is Your CPF Money Helping You to Retire and Own a House at the Same Time?

Do you wish to have an outstanding retirement funds yet able to own a house? And do you wish never to worry about Medical Bills? CPF stands for Central Provident Funds. It is an government initiative to help Singaporeans to have a better financial life in terms of Housing, Retirement and Medical Bills. Hence, having the right CPF Investing strategy can have a major impact on how big is your CPF account later on in your life.

Fixed Income Solutions for Senior Citizens

The economy is not looking too good these days. If you are a senior citizen looking for ways to make your fixed income dollars go further, there are actually some ways to make that happen that are not common knowledge. Discover a few of those options in this article.

How to Turn a Cash Flow Crunch Around So You Have More Money

One of the biggest problems that I’ve seen clients struggle with is how to make it through a cash flow crisis. When you run your own business a cash flow crisis can occur when a client unexpectedly quits, when you don’t end up with as much business income as you had anticipated or when the money that you said you were going to generate in the next month just doesn’t manifest…

A Mars a Day, Will Bankrupt You!

In fact, my reliance on a regular chocolate fix was to render the childhood piggy bank just as vulnerable to the ravages of 1970s inflation as mum and dad’s bank account. Just to illustrate the point, over the previous year or two, the price of a Mars bar had remained reasonably steady, averaging around 3 pence. By the end of 1972 however, that same Mars bar had shot up by two thirds to 5 pence. I don’t think the piggy bank ever recovered!

Offshore Bank Advantages

Offshore banking is becoming more and more popular nowadays. If you live in a politically unstable country, your best option is to deposit your money in an offshore bank. This is because your money can be frozen and seized at anytime. The jurisdiction in your country can increase the taxes all of a sudden to improve the bad economy situation.

Getting Ready for Baby!

At the time this article is being written, I am exactly half-way through my pregnancy! Time is flying by and I am in full baby mode preparing, stockpiling and shopping for this little one! I am sure that many of you have little ones as well, so I thought that it would helpful to put together a list of ways to save on babies! There really are a lot of ways to save on baby items if you just know where to look and what to look for.

How to Program Your Lifestyle For Wealth – Principles For Building Wealth

Many of us desire a lifestyle of wealth and prosperity. We often dream of owning luxurious vehicles, beautiful homes and the financial freedom to travel anywhere in the world we desire. With the right mindset a lifestyle of wealth is an achievable desire. The root of financial freedom stems from the principles of building wealth. Once these principles are understood and put into practice you will literally see…

Megabanks Moving to Reduce Borrowers’ Negative Equity

Since the housing bubble burst three years ago, banks of all sizes have seen their ledgers bleed red as many of their costumers went ‘underwater.” As a result, banks are quietly contacting borrowers and offering them generous loan modification or refinancing options. Many of these newly relieved borrowers pay on time, too. However, their houses are ‘underwater,’ meaning what they paid for the house or what they still owe is more than their property is worth.

Couples: Try to Live on One Income

Don’t live on the financial edge. When planning financial decisions like buying a house, car, or other big expenses try to live on one income.

Your Insurance Coverage – Is It Adequate?

Many folks don’t realize how much money they spend on insurance premiums. Car, life, home, contents insurance, and extended warranties can be costly. Insurance is risk assessment and coverage.

Some Things Are Meant to Be Free

With the slump in world economy these days, it is always wise to trim down on some of your expenses. However, deciding on which expense to minimize or avoid might be a tedious job for you. There are five expenses which you could get without parting with a dime, or at least, with some creativity would cost you only a few dollars. Find out the things that we shouldn’t be paying for.

What A Penny Saver Does

The times we are living in are far from the best economically that I can remember. So many people are struggling to meet their normal bills, let alone save anything for their future. However, if you are prepared to be a little open minded and try a few things, you will be surprised how you start becoming a penny saver.

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