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Some Tips on Getting Control of Your Finances

It is never too late to gain control of your personal finances. You may believe that you might be beyond support and can no longer sleep with all of the unsecured credit loans, bad credit cards, mortgage as well as other debts that you owe. If you are looking for aid on how to get out of the quagmire you are in now, here are a number of straightforward (not easy) guidelines to get you started.

5 Tips to Avoiding Financial Crisis

To some people, lack of money can be a major problem that causes stress in the family or relationship. It is merely the cause and effect of errors in managing your money. It is closely related to the behavior and habit of how you use it. This article provides five easy ways to avoid financial crisis in life and hopefully readers will gain some insightful knowledge after reading it.

Save Your Credit Card While Purchasing Online

Many of us owning credit cards are, or should be, aware of the fact that Online Scams are becoming a very notoriously popular phenomena. There are many online scammers and hackers who are waiting for you to make a mistake online, provide your information to an unsecured website, and subsequently, lose money on your credit card. According a recent research by Master Card, online earning trends have considerably increased in cities like Dubai.

3 Lessons in Risk Tolerance at the Snow Park

On a recent family outing to a local snow tubing park, I was presented with an unexpected opportunity to deepen my understanding of my own risk tolerance. I also came away with some new insights into just what a slippery concept “risk tolerance” is — whether in the context of sliding down a steep slope on a tube or designing a portfolio for a client. Here’s what went down and why it matters to your money.

Cutting Expenses 101

If you’re like me, you’re always looking for new and creative ways to pinch a penny, preferably until it squeals. With the economy continuing to founder, more of us are needing to make our dollars go further and work for us more efficiently.

How I Spent (On) My Winter Vacation

I returned from my recent vacation — cross-country skiing at Lake Tahoe — with all of the wonderful memories, images, and souvenirs normally associated with visiting a destination of such legendary, stunning beauty. But I also came back with some takeaways of a decidedly more practical nature. It’s true: Not even the sweeping view of snow-capped Sierra peaks against the backdrop of yet another Blue Bird Day (local-speak) could entirely distract me from noticing some high-impact personal finance lessons I couldn’t wait to share.

Tips For Keeping Track of Your Finances

In today’s economy with higher unemployment rates, hiring freezes, and freezes on raises; it is important to keep track of your finances and build a budget. As a person that used to be a little disorganized with my financial tracking, here are a few tips that helped me out.

You Need An Emergency Fund

What happens when your transmission goes out on your car? What about the furnace in your house? How do you pay for those emergencies?

Maintaining Your Assets The Key To Financial Security

With all the economic woes of the past few years asset management has become even more important. So many people burned by investments that once seemed sound and turned out to be fiscally devastating will now be leveraging their homes and other valuables to have reasonable retirements. It is for that reason and many more that you need to be consistent with your asset management and make sure there is no slide in value.

What to Look for in a Good Checking Account

Checking or current accounts are a mainstay of the banking industry and our personal finances. Is your account up to scratch?

Financialitis: A New Term for an Age Old Problem

Financialitis is a new syndrome currently identified which impacts people all over the world whose finances are in crisis. While curable, it it often painful to recover from, but well worth the effort.

How to Prepare for Your Retirement

People can work until their twilight years if they like. They can get involved in another job after retiring from their previous work or start a consultancy business. However, many people also prefer to retire when they reach the age of 65. Some for health reasons while the others want to look forward to relaxing and traveling with their partners to their dream destinations…

Financial Planner – Your Financial Guide

Today everyone might accept that proper allocation of money is very much needed to avoid strenuous us financial crisis in your personal as well as professional life. In this regard a financial planner can guide you the best to arrange your financial issues through proper planning.

Financial Management – 3 Ways To Secure Your Family’s Financial Future

We would all like to know that our family’s financial future is secure – especially in a difficult economy like ours. But when you think about it, how safe is your family’s future right now? How can you tell?

Financial Intelligence

The role of money in accomplishing worthy goals is very important. Money is at the centre of all areas of our lives especially in achieving worthy dreams. Without money your whole purpose journey becomes a stressful debt journey or a rat race for life. Lack of it can halt your dreams, frustrate your plans and even discourage you to quit good efforts. You simply don’t want to be in a position where you lack money.

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