A storm is brewing in the U.S. – Robert Kiyosaki, and Doug Casey

Preparation and Personal Finance

“Fail to prepare and you prepare to fail” is something that springs to mind when thinking about personal finance. Organising your finances is key to control.

So Many Pension Schemes – How Do You Choose?

With so many pension schemes out there, it’s always best to seek professional advice. However, the big question is: what’s the best way to get your pensions advice?

Never Let a Crisis Go to Waste

These words have been used a lot in history, most recently (and famously) by Rahm Emanuel in early 2009 as the fiscal crisis was in full bloom. The quote seems cold and calculating, but at the heart of this phrase is the concept of a silver lining; for every negative that occurs in life, there is an opportunity to do something you might not have been able to do before. Too many people focus on what is right in front of them (i.e., a down market) and lose the chance to proactively use a negative to their advantage.

Overdraft Fee Revenues Are Pushing $30 Billion

Are you one of the many who pays fees for overdraft accounts? The banks are making billions of dollars off of everyday mistakes and some banks are even abusing the system to get more revenue.

Increased 401k Contribution Limits for 2012

New 401k contribution limits for 2012 for certain items of the retirement plan were announced by the Internal Revenue System (IRS) in October of 2011. Together with the cost-of-living adjustments for all other retirement plans accredited by the government, the increased limits for total 401k contributions for the whole year and for particular elective deferrals were disclosed. But all other ceilings remain the same this year. This announcement was much awaited by many plan holders since it’s been at least a couple of years since the funding limits were adjusted.

4 Tips to Maximize Your Human Asset Legacy

The paradox of privilege is that it can produce a lot of anxiety and hesitancy. Those with wealth face the stark reality that money alone can’t buy solutions to all of their problems. Here are four tips to do just that so you can optimize your financial future from an inner wealth – a wealth of the spirit perspective:

Human Alpha Vs Portfolio Alpha

Successful investor behavior is not easy to develop or maintain, and by observation can be more impactful than portfolio alpha. Because of this, many have chosen to delegate that discipline to wealth managers and be coached during the times when it seems hardest to maintain.

Three Steps to Make An Investment Plan

Investing can be frustrating, confusing, and even scary! But with the right investment plan your chances for investing success soar dramatically. Conversely, your chances of achieving your investment goals are slim if you don’t take the time to plan properly.

Avoid Tragic Losses With Personal Financial Records Software

You should never have to wonder where all your money is! You may have assets in a home safe, bank accounts, safe deposit boxes, stock accounts and maybe even a mattress. How do you keep track of it all? Where, for example, are those savings bonds you bought years ago? In the safety deposit box? At what bank? What branch? What’s the account number? Where’s the key? If somebody else had to retrieve them today, could they? Sounds like you are good candidate for a PFR, personal financial record.

2012 401K Contribution Limits for Aged 50 and Above

When you’re nearing retirement age, you’d most probably be concerned with your savings. 401k is one of the plans that many hardworking US citizens have enrolled in. If you’re one of them and have already reached the age of 50, you should know the 2012 401k contribution limits set by the government. Keeping these maximum numbers in mind, you can determine how much you can put into your savings.

Know the Benefits of Your 401k – How Can I Withdraw My Earnings?

It’s just right that you know the benefits of your 401k plan and how you’ll be able to actually get them. In the first place, you’ve invested on it with money that you’ve earned from working hard everyday. The US government has set distribution rules for all retirement plans, including 401k. Here are the basic details of these rules that you should keep in mind.

The Challenges of Being an Individual Investor in Turbulent Times

Other than the depression generation, I really don’t think there has been a more difficult time for individual investors than right now. This article explores the challenges and variables facing the individual investor in today’s market.

How to Reap the Wealth Investment Harvest

One of the best ways to become financially independent is to invest in property. Why is property such a good wealth investment strategy? There are two very good reasons.

Three Things That Make A Cash ISA Different From Traditional Savings Accounts

The Cash ISA (Individual Savings Account) has become a household name as many people are finding it to be an effective savings tool to help them get the most from their money. However for others there seems to be an air of confusion about how ISAs actually work and how they compare to the more traditional savings options. This article will explore some key factors which differentiate one from the other.

Retirement Plan Types and Their Investment Vehicles

Individuals and businesses use investment vehicles to invest and grow their money. They can invest a varied range of products, with the motive of getting fruitful and bigger returns. The types of Retirement plans take into account the investment vehicles.

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