A Deep Analysis Of Tesla Stock 2021 (Including Intrinsic Value)

The Economy and the Elections: A Market View

On Friday, October 26th, we learned that the economy grew at two percent. This was good news, since it grew faster than expected. The market, though, didn’t seem to think very much of this news. Why not?

A Mortgage Professional May Be Able to Find Lower Loan Rates

A low interest rate is always better than a higher one. When people are checking with banks, they may not understand how to compare them to figure out which one is a better option. A mortgage professional may be able to sit down with them and figure out which loan rates will be their best options.

More Residents Are Relying on the Mortgage Calculator

There are many options when people are choosing to finance a home. Mortgages can come with many different variables. Using a mortgage calculator, people can figure out their approximate payment before they sign the papers agreeing to the terms of their loan.

Refinancing a Mortgage Can Be an Easy Process

There are many different things to consider when people are considering refinancing a mortgage. There are many reasons why they will be doing this as well. They may want a lower payment as well as a lower interest rate.

Mortgage Calculators Show Options for Consumers Looking for a Home

When people are considering purchasing a home, they need to know what their options are. Each loan is going to have different payments and be for different amounts. Mortgage calculators are going to be able to provide many different options for people by showing them what consumers have available to them.

Boat Bill of Sale

A boat bill of sale is used to transfer the ownership of a boat or boat trailer from a seller to a buyer. What a proper boat bill of sale must include and what are the pitfalls.

Social Security and Medicare Planning

Many Americans think that Social Security and Medicare are one-size-fits-all programs that offer no opportunity for choice or customization. But in fact, taking the time to fully understand how these programs work and to consider the most effective ways to include them in a long-term financial plan can significantly expand their usefulness.

6 Ways To Make The Money You Have Work Harder For You

If you could make your money work harder for you while you work hard for it… would you? I can show you 6 ways to do it with the money already have.

Spring Investment Property Form Guide – Our 5 Top Picks

Traditionally the busiest time of the year for both horse racing and real estate, the spring investment property season is just around the corner. If you’re looking to make a foray into the market, our form guide to property will have you buying both confidently and successfully.

How and Where to Sell Your Gold for Maximum Profit

When you want to sell your possessions in gold, opt for a local reputed dealer. Since the market for this precious metal is very competitive, it is imperative to locate reputable buyers. Generally, you can expect the local buyers to buy it at a fair price in anticipation of getting additional business from you and others referred to them by you because of the verbal publicity you may do for them.

The Key Benefits of Hiring a Public Insurance Adjuster

Dealing with property loss claims is best handled by a public insurance adjuster. This is because they not only help with smooth processing, but also ensures easy settlement of the claim.

The Fed Twists Again

The Federal Reserve recently announced the third round of “Operation Twist.” They’ll spend $40 billion a month hoping to boost growth and reduce unemployment. Where will that $40 billion come from?

Can My Pension Plan Payout Change?

You have been employed for a period of time and you have access to a pension plan from your company. Can what you receive change from the time you commence working to the time of your retirement? It sure can. When you enroll in a pension plan, you are expecting a certain payout each month when you retire. If the payout is larger, that is wonderful, but what if it is less? If you are counting on living from this money, what can you do? The payout you receive can be defined by several components, so each of these will be highlighted. The first thing to find out is what type of plan you have and what you are entitled to.

Poor Estate Planning by Government Employees Spells Trouble

It came out after his death that Philip Seymour Hoffman wasn’t leaving his millions to his three kids (so he thought). The late actor said he didn’t want them to become “trust fund babies.” Other people like Sting, Warren Buffett, and Bill Gates have said similar things. Back here on Earth, those of you who are parents or grandparents might have a tough time deciding how to leave your money to your kids and grandkids.

Updating Your Beneficiaries Will Lessen the Heartache

It’s vitally important to keep the beneficiary designations on your 457 deferred compensation plan and other accounts up to date. Failing to keep your beneficiary designations current can cause unnecessary financial and emotional stress for loved ones.

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