9 Ways People Are Dumb With Money

Well to Do

I came from a Well to Do family. Whenever one of us children wanted to go someplace or wanted something, my parents would say “Well to do that?”

Financial Recovery – Is It Possible?

Does the thought of ever getting out of debt and having savings in the bank seem so far off, completely out of reach, that you don’t even think you will ever be able to get on top of your finances? Have credit card bills mounted up so high that you are feeling there is only one way out and that is to declare bankruptcy?

China to the Rescue

Many traders and investors believe that the global stock market rally is really nothing more than another deck of cards similar to what investors saw from 2003 to 2007. During the 2003 – 2007 rally the Dow Jones Industrial Average rallied nearly 90.0 percent in five years. The catalyst for that rally was low interest rates by the Federal Reserve Bank. As we all know this is the same catalyst for the current rally with a few extra doses of stimulus.

Using Frugality To Get Ahead

The great thing about frugal living is that nothing is ever really off limits. Delayed gratification doesn’t mean deprivation. So sit down with your spouse/family/cup of coffee and start thinking about your goals.

Factors To Consider Before Getting Home Financing

Even that most people decide home refinancing is a good choice with some of the disadvantages. Should be part of the analysis to the refinancing of home loans. It is unfortunate that many people after the decision has been home refinancing is the solution of the problem. Their money will continue regardless of the actual costs of the refinancing cost home enough lack of consideration does not require much effort and can not change the decision. Mind your last.

Fixed Fee Probate Offers Security

Dealing with probate can be a complicated and time consuming process, and requires intimate knowledge of the law and Inheritance Tax legislation. All regulatory agencies within the probate sector agree that it is vital that Executors research and identify a probate expert or company who offers a guaranteed low cost fixed fee probate service with guaranteed no hidden charges and set prices, rather than an organisation which is not necessarily transparent with its terms and conditions, and bases its fees on the size and complexity of the Estate. Carrying out this research before you decide to use a particular…

We Have Some Extra Money to Spend

Got some extra money to spend? Not sure what to do with it? Read this.

Seeking The Advantages Of Children Savings Accounts

All parents think about the future and what they can do to help their children succeed. With daily expenses as well as money that is needed in the future, parents need to start thinking of something right now. Those who are serious about saving might want to look into a children savings accounts. There are so many great perks that come along with opening one of these accounts for the kids. Take a look right now and find out how to benefit and where to get the process started.

How to Become a Private Money Lender – Learning How to Make a Difference

Learning how to become a private money lender can be tricky. However, if you look in the right places and help the right people, you will be able to have satisfaction that you helped someone in need as well as create some revenue for you and your family.

Blue Chip Investment

Named after the most expensive chip in poker blue chip stocks hold similar value in the stock market. The Dow Jones is a price-weighted average of the 30 market leaders in terms of market capitalisation. They are all deemed blue chip companies.

How To Make Money And Enjoy Life

In these times of hard economy it is only a must that one should not only depend on one’s salary but also invest in a business that could help uplift the financial status of a family. There are so many ways to earn money. The possibilities of hitting the gold mine is great. But you should keep in mind that going into business is not easy it takes more than money to invest in a business and succeed.

Asset Protection 101

Pulling yourself up from financial struggles? Scared of the implications or financial risks of business endeavors? Wary of third party businesses’ potential litigations and lawsuits? Then it’s high time to get your assets and properties protected!

The Basics of Asset Protection

Due most probably to the more recent world-wide economy crisis that we faced, we have been witnesses to a lot of bad creditor stories as well as a lot of mishaps, with businesses caving in and large banks closing due to financial litigations. This has made a deep, negative impact from business executives and the working population alike… to even the ordinary Tom, Dick and Harry.

Sign Up for Protection and Stop Worrying About Energy Prices

It can be downright frustrating dealing with energy prices. Perhaps if they remained constant you wouldn’t have to worry about them so much, but they can change from month to month, often times drastically. Therefore, planning out your finances can end up being a tricky affair. What if there were a way for you to lock in your prices for an extended period of time though? The amount you pay each month for energy would be much more stable. With the right protection in place, you can make that proposition a reality.

Fight Against Unpredictable Energy Prices and Defend Your Finances

The world is a volatile, unpredictable place: that is the reality we live in. There is probably no other essential commodity in our modern existence that helps prove this point quite as well as energy (whether in the form of electricity off the grid, natural gas pumped into our tanks, etc.); starting with the oil crisis of the early-1970s and then again in subsequent crises over the last decade, it has become overwhelmingly clear and obvious that energy prices can skyrocket with almost no notice at all. This unpredictability wreaks havoc on consumers-in residential settings as well as commercial/industrial ones-and is therefore something that we all need to try to fight against.

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